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Tyga justin bieber wait a minute album cover

Tyga ft Justin Bieber – Wait For A Minute [Lyrics with Music]

Tyga ft Justin Bieber – Wait For A Minute [Lyrics with Music]

[Verse 1: Justin Bieber]
Wait just a minute
Can you wait just a minute?
Baby girl just a minute
Wait just a minute, just wait just a minute
Well if you walk with me
Well if you take my hand babe
We can go to a place you ain’t never seen before

[Bridge: Justin Bieber]
Slow dance in the moonlight
I’m just tryna set the mood right
I’m just doing what I do
Do it over and over and over
Quickily wanna run with me now
Swiftly just come with me now
Footsteps go to the beat now
Over and over and over

[Hook: Justin Bieber]
It’s just the way that, the way that
The way that you do it, babe
Oh I can say that, say that, say that
I behave, but I’d be lying babe
Let’s run away for a minute
Away for a minute babe
Let’s run away for a minute
Play for a minute babe

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Hold up, I don’t need no love
I said that with a straight face, baby that’s poker
Feel a lil sober, got it mixed in my soda
I clean up good, aropa, dopa
Baby I’m the shit but that’s a good odor
I’m a young star but my money look Yoda
Crib on the ocean, backyard boat shit
You hating on the internet, I couldn’t even notice
Tickets no service, we at the top working
Pop-pops is lurking, told her “don’t get nervous”
I don’t swerve Suburbans, this a gold derby
Ferarri’s and horses, I snap like tourist
No rug, I floor it, girl, come feel important
I’m all about a dollar, babe, banks call me Georgi
9-5 Rollie, 96 Kobe, tonight we gon’ ball like Ginobili
You know me, I’m just tryna…

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  • luulbbe

    justin i love u

  • luulbbe

    i love u

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    Love you justin so much

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