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Fernanda Paes: The Girl Justin Bieber Picked at Jax Club Brazil

Fernanda-Paes-justin-bieber-argentina-zax-night-clubThere were a lot of girls that night at Zax Club in Rio de Janeiro but allegedly the one that caught Justin’s eyes was Fernanda Paes.

justin-bieber-Fernanda-Paes-argentina-zax-clubDespite inviting 30 girls back for a private party in the early hours of last Sunday, he hardly left 18-year-old Fernanda Paes’ side, even leaving the club with the girl underneath the same blanket as him.


Paes was the only girl Justin chose to leave the nightspot with and to travel in the same car after he invited the girls back to a private party at his rented mansion in the early hours of Sunday morning. And he is said to have spent the night ignoring most of the other girls to lavish attention on the beauty, from Rio’s posh Ipanema neighborhood.

Apparently she caught his eye because she looked like his ex Selena Gomez.

According to the bar owner, Justin was like “I want to take this one home, she looks just like Selena. I couldn’t believe he was trying to chat up a girl by comparing her with his ex!”‘


Fernanda Paes later posted on Facebook that she had danced with JB to a hip hop song by Soulja Boy. After spending an hour and a half at the club, the singer asked the club owner to round up 30 of the prettiest girls for a private party he was throwing at his rented mansion in the nearby Noa district.

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  • rara

    where did you take these photos?? she’s pretty 🙂

    • Anonymous


  • brenden

    she’s prettier than selena no offence to selena

  • Camila

    gente não é fake, eu conheço ela… Ela já estudou na minha escola… Ela é realmente bonita, mais não acho que se pareça com a Selena

  • Anonymous

    she also filmed him after he fell asleep and told the press that they fucked bc shes a bitch.

  • patricia

    she is really pretty

  • Sarah


  • Anonymous