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High Quality Pictures of Justin Bieber in Hawaii Nov 20, 2013



justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-09 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-08 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-07 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-06 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-05 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-04 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-02 justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-03

justin-bieber-hawaii-nov-2013-01High Quality Pictures of Justin Bieber in Hawaii Nov 20, 2013

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  • lina

    fuckkk meeee justinnnn

    • Justin B

      Where are you from Lina ?

  • isa

    eya estu novia

    • Niko

      I hate greyson chcnae he sounds like a girl i saw him on the new years show in hollywood and i changed it to another program cuz it was tht bad!a1HE SUCKS EGGS!

  • Ashlyn

    i think its the other guys girlfriend and they were just having fun in hawaii

  • just a guess

    I am guessing that is a name badge she is wearing on her dress.. which is super cute by the way.. that she probably works at the hotel he is staying at??

    • Wow your eyes are sharp! Maybe she did work at the hotel or something.

    • Mcjhun

      jaaajjjajajajajaaajjjajajaja untalented? jaaajjjajajaja you hate? great, he does not know you exist, it is written and pronounced HATE IT I envy. sings like a girl? oh god jaaajjjajajajaajaaajjjajajajajaja me laugh envious, pta.

  • angelina

    He is like SOOOO hot

  • Anonymous

    How in the world

  • willy

    Omg his willyy. So yummy!!!

  • orang

    justin bieber sekarang jelek!

    • Ismail

      Brooks,your creative geinus (and hard work) allows you to capture moments in time and make them both memorable and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and commitment to creative ingenuity with Justin. Together, you make an outstanding team and,personally,I think you overwhelmed the MMVA’s. You caught them by surprise. We know who the winners are. I always look forward to seeing what you two guys are going to create for next video.Kindest regards,Theresa

  • beliebers failed

    justin bieber really bad now -_-

  • Anonymous

    Why is he bad

  • Anonymous


  • Vanessa Davis

    I love you Justin Bieber

  • Cheyenne

    Justin you’re the best I love you as a fan nothing more I really wish I could meet. You just one time I’ll let you be but you will never come to Compton you don’t. Care about your fan’s. Here but it’s. Ok I’m still a believer for JB.

  • Brandon

    Justin bieber

  • haribo34

    qu’il est beau il bat tous les record

  • Norhusain

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