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Justin Bieber spied on in his underwear at his Calabasas house

justin-bieber-spy-underwear-house-04 justin-bieber-spy-underwear-house-03 justin-bieber-underwear-house-02

justin-bieber-underwear-house-01Wow, invasion of privacy much?

Justin was spied on today (November 14, 2013) from a helicopter at his Calabasas home in California.

See: Pictures of Justin Bieber’s new house in Calabasas April 2012

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  • remus

    you’re beautiful and I love justin bieber I love you

  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    I love Justin wholeheartedly, but he gives us everything all the time he deserves & has the right to privacy. He lives his life in the media more than 98% of the time so he needs time to himself having that time is what gives him that renewed strength to allow him to do what he loves. Giving his Beliebers across the globe 200% and some. Whoever that is that violated his right to privacy needs to be arrested and charged. Don’t mess with Bieber because his family will retaliate.