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Justin Bieber’s cryptic message on Instagram


@justinbieber: Lets be honest

It’s hard to tell exact what Justin means when he posted the above picture and says “Let’s be honest”. Could he be directing it to the media who’s constantly bashing him in the news? Maybe to the haters? Or is Justin about to come out and be honest about something about himself?

Idk what he means but I think there could be more to this than just simply another Instagram post. 😐

Stay tuned.

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  • Belieber

    Maybe it’s his new song

    • Oh I never thought about that. Could be.

    • Anonymous

      It’s probably directed to all the negative crap he has to put up with. So many lies said about him lately 🙁

  • grownup belieber

    or is it maybe “lesbianas” (lesbians)?

  • Giselle

    Hi how are you do

  • briegollotte

    what are you doing?????????????????????