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Justin Bieber in Canada Dec 22, 2013

ryan butler justin bieber canada 2013

@ryanbutler: Uh oh @justinbieber @kylemassey #theboys

Ryan Butler and Kyle Massey posted some pictures today confirming Justin is in Canada. It’s good to see him back home and spending some pressure-free time with friends and family.

Look at Ryan’s face. He’s loving it. haha.

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  • Ashlyn

    OMG finally he needs time to spend away from the fame but don’t worry belieber he will come back at the end of the year he is just taking a long long break spending time with family…he looks really happy

  • sonja

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year with your Family and Friends. May you get the well deserved rest that you need so you can come back to us refresh with new songs. We your fans love you with our hearts. And believe in you we always have. We put God first.


    my favrite is christmas 🙂

  • Kirstie

    I agree he needs to take a break. But if he does decided to retire & because he can’t take the fame anymore or doesn’t wanna be famous anymore.. Iunno what the reason was. But it doesn’t really matter. No matter what he does, he will still be famous. You can’t just stop. Once ppl know you they know you. He should have thought about this years ago..

  • maria

    Jag är fens är jag.med Justin bieber

  • maria

    Jag är fens

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