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Justin Bieber performs in Tacloban, Philippines Dec 10, 2013

Justin performed a last minute concert in the city of Tacloban in the Philippines earlier today to raise funds for typhoon victims. He sang some of his songs, some Christmas songs, and even sang happy birthday to someone.

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A lot more high quality pics here.

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  • krisha Jane

    @justinbieber thank you for visiting our country most especially the Yolanda victims .. you give them Hope .. Thank You ..

  • Amy cripps

    justin bider love you xx amy cripps you xx doy

    • Anonymous

      Its bieber

      • @cristine

        Justin bieber thank u for visiting our country …
        we love u justin … And for ure haterss … Hi ….

        • @cristine

          I always Be With U justin
          #selena Gomez
          #justin bieber
          # believer

  • @_lisahanani

    I just don’t understand why bieberhaters can’t see how caring and amazing he is. He has a big heart. Are they blind or something? All the haters know is just hate hate hate, that’s all the thing the know sigh.

    • Anonymous

      I agre

    • Amy

      I agree with you babe. Yeah, i guess theyre are blind huh. I’m not a belieber but I respect him. He does have a big heart. I have to admit, he’s pretty amazing and good looking too! 😀