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VIDEO: Justin Bieber caught smoking inside a trailer!

Why is Justin smoking weed such a big deal anyway? Every teenager does it.

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  • Kirstie

    Not every teenager smokes weed. When I was a teenager I went to school with lots of teens that didn’t. What makes it a bad thing is that he’s being a little prick about it. Do it on ur own time. Not right before a interview etc. don’t show up to work stoned out of your mind

    • sounds like you haven’t been a teenager for a long time kirstie. If you’re so against jb ( you obviously are considering all the comments you leave on the site) then why are you here?

      Justin is not just a teenager but he also lives a life no other teenagers live. He has money and access like no other. If smoking weed is the worse thing he takes then I think he’s doing pretty good.

      Demi Lovato = coke
      Miley Cyrus = molly
      Zac Efron = coke & molly
      Lindsay Lohan = coke
      Cory Montheith = heroine
      Aaron Carter = crack

      Justin Bieber = weed doesn’t look so bad now does it? Personally i would rather he smoke weed than drink alcohol even. Most people who’s tried weed don’t even consider it a drug.

      I’m not saying smoking weed is good. Just that it’s not a big deal.

  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    Who cares if he smokes that’s his business if he can do it & wants to I have learned that you have top let them go through their phases because only then can they determine for themselves what they do and do not want to do. The mistakes we make and learn from help make us who we turn out to be so people need to find something or someone else s business to get into and leave him be.

  • Jamie


    I’m not saying you don’t have a point because you are saying a true, but you have to think about other people too(; like young fans or his brother and sister, I
    Mean his not a good influence to them is he?-.- I’m pretty sure they do know what weed Is, I mean who doesnt these days? Also he will lose a lot of fans/beliebers by acting like a completely idiot.

  • j money

    so what if he does every star smokes