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justin bieber peru fans stadium national

Biebermania is in full swing in Lima. On Sunday, fans gathered outside the Marriot Hotel in Miraflores in hopes of seeing Justin Bieber.

According to Peru21 some fans were left in tears when they heard Bieber had already arrived in the country hours before his scheduled concert on Monday night.

Hundreds of fans camped outside the National Stadium since Sunday night, many of them admitted to missing school on Monday, for a chance of being once of the first fans to enter the concert.

According to Andina, a hundred policemen will be at the National Stadium for Bieber’s concert, as well as first aid personal.

Seven hundred fans fainted during Bieber’s concert in Chile on Saturday.

Several side streets near to the stadium were closed since 2:00pm on Monday.

Police advised concertgoers to leave cell phones and cameras at home in order to avoid possible theft or loss.



justin bieber selena gomez hot sexy momma


Justin was showing off his Spanish in this Peru interview and one of the words he knows is “mamacita” which means “hot sexy momma”. That took the reporter by surprise and she had to ask “OMG Do you call Selena mamacita?” and Justin nods “yes”.


justin bieber lima peru killed

This is scary!! Justin’s life might be in danger when he performs in Peru!

Someone started a Facebook page and their sole plan is to kill Justin when he arrives to perform in Lima, Peru. The title of the page in English is “Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium”. I can’t read whatever language it is in but it’s not a secret that it is quite dangerous in that part of the world.

"Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium"

Now Beliebers, even the ones in Peru, are trying to warn JB and urge him not to perform in Lima on the 17th. #BiebsStayOutofPeru is currently trending on Twitter. This could be a hoax or just a way for haters in Peru to scare Justin into canceling his show. But this honestly must be taken seriously. There are a lot of crazies out there and now since there is a death threat they can’t go into Peru without at least beefing up security.

There are a lot of fans eagerly awaiting for what possibly would be their only chance to see JB perform in Peru. What do you think he should do?


justin bieber my world tour 2011

Justin just officially announced his South American leg of the “My World Tour” starting this October.

This shouldn’t be a surprise because I have posted this information before (I’m pretty sure I did). Bookmark this post and I’ll try and update it tonight with the dates that have been announced for Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile (or as soon as I find it.)