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Justin Bieber not too excited about meeting Chris Brown

Justin Bieber not too excited about meeting Chris Brown
Justin Bieber seen meeting Chris Brown and didn’t seem too excited. According to TMZ, New popstar sensation, Justin Bieber was spotted out last night in Miami,Florida meetingChris Brown,but apparently didn’t he didn’t seem as excited as Chris Brown was. They say that Justin Bieber was backstage at a benefit concert for Haiti in Miami last night, and Chris Brown looked really excited to pose with Justin for a photo. However, as you can see from the look on Justin’s face (above), he doesn’t seem quite as excited as Chris is. Justin’s short smile looks pretty forced.
I don’t know, it might be that he knows Chris Brown beat the living crap out of his ex, Rihanna just last year,and that Justin Bieber reportedly has a huge crush on Rihanna who he just met at the Grammys last week. Hmm. I’m connecting the dots here. What do you guys think? Just a bad photo moment for Justin,or is he really deeply pissed off at Chris Brown for beating up on his crush, Rihanna ? I’m thinking the latter. You can read the story at TMZ by Clicking Here.

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  • wow look at those picture

    • caitlyn

      wow i know gurl they look good

    • Justin Rocks

      i now right he looks so nice and pretty thats so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jb you rock and you will always will people call you mean names and you need to stand up and you are the best and true

  • caitlyn

    i wish justin could meet me one day that will be so cool

  • Am call (509)430-6261 🙂 🙂

  • Justin Rocks

    I Love Justin Bieber He Rocks i love you jb

  • Justin Rocks

    you rock jb you are the best let me now when you are doing a new concert because i want to get your autograph . i lofve your song the one called baby and favorite girl

  • Justin Rocks


  • Chris Rocks(lol)

    Bieber is scared that Chris beat a women, and that she *(JB) will be next…..hahaha

  • Dominic

    Wonderful undertaking upon the publish up! I count on in the direction of check out go through further more in opposition to your self!


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