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Justin Bieber can no longer hit the high notes

Justin Bieber has revealed that he is already struggling to sing some of his hits because his voice is breaking, according to reports.

The Canadian singer, 16, admitted that he is struggling with the changes of growing into a man, and even finds singing his hit Baby difficult.

Bieber added that his famous voice is changing all the time.

He said: “It cracks, like every teenage boy. Even some of the notes I hit on Baby I can’t hit anymore.
“We have to lower the key when I sing it live.”

But he said that he is trying not to panic, and insisted: “I’m dealing with it. I have the best voice coach in the country, Miss Jan Smith.”

Bieber – who “treated myself to a Range Rover” for his 16th birthday – has another major problem singing live: screaming girls.

He said: “The other day, I was playing in front of 75,000 people. My friends were there, and I asked them, ‘Did I do good?’

“They were like, ‘I have no idea – all we heard was screaming.'”

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