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Justin Bieber ‘Might Have’ Tried Out For ‘American Idol’

Justin Bieber was spotted in the audience at “American Idol” a few weeks back when his mentor Usher performed on the show. But Bieber himself will get the opportunity to perform on the “Idol” stage during Wednesday’s (April 21) “Idol Gives Back” special. And the singer said he could have easily been one of the contestants on the stage if everything had worked differently.
“For sure! You know … we used to watch [the show]. Me and my mom used to watch it when I was little and we were like, ‘I could get on there, you know,’ ” he told MTV News. “When I turned 16, I might have went and tried out, but this was faster,” he said of being discovered on YouTube.
Bieber also said that he stopped by the show to help out with charitable organizations and actually did not give advice to any of the “Idol” hopefuls. “It was great. I was just there. I didn’t really work with any of the contestants,” he said. “I was there supporting Usher when he performed.”
“Idol” producers handpicked Bieber as one of the many artists to grace the “Idol Gives Back” stage. “I looked at that night as a good night for him to be on, because he’s absolutely phenomenal,” executive producer Cécile Frot-Coutaz explained. “And he’s young and he’s a real inspiration for [the] young generation, so it was a really good fit for him to be in that special episode.”