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Shame on Canada

Justin Bieber Shut Out By His Own Country in Juno Awards 

The Juno Awards are Canada’s version of the Grammy Awards, yet Canada failed to issue one Juno award to number one teen pop idol Justin Bieber.

Bieber was a favorite for the New Artist award, but even that was denied him when it was awarded to Drake.

Apparently, Justin Bieber is a bigger hit in the United States than he is in his home country of Canada.

Justin performed his hit song “Baby” at the Juno Awards, and Drake joined him on a stage for a strange kind of re-mix of the song, combining Justin’s sweet vocals with Drake’s harsher rap voice. The two seemed perfectly content to share the stage and enjoyed their duet.

It’s too bad Justin didn’t get an award in his own country, but in the hearts of many Americans, he is top dog and his classy style plus inspired songwriting and sweet voice make him a winner anyway.