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Justin Bieber takes his driver’s license written test

justin bieber driver license bieber

Since turning 16 on March 1, Justin Bieber has been doing everything he can to lock up his coveted first driver’s license in his adopted home state of Georgia.

After previously making an appearance at an Atlanta DMV office in April, the Canadian-born pop superstar visited a second one in the city of Norcross at 1:30 in the afternoon on May 28. “He was with his mom and a huge bodyguard,” an eyewitness tells Star.

“He was in the area where you take your written test for a drivers license, which anyone with a learner’s permit can do in Georgia after they turn 16. Then he had his photo taken for the license, and left immediately after,” the source added.

So did Bieber-mania break out at the DMV? Luckily, the eyewitness adds, “There were only a couple of young people around, so there wasn’t any crazy uproar.”