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Justin Bieber will donate hundreds of thousands to Pencils of Promise Charity

Arguably one of the hottest singers in this country, Justin Bieber has announced the dates of the remainder of his “My World” Tour.

Bieber will hit a total of 75+ cities, and will donate $1 of every ticket to Pencils of Promise. This impressive initiative will help build 15 schools around the world for children in need.

PoP was founded with a $25 bank deposit by founder Adam Braun and in less than two years has grown into an international movement of over 40,000 committed supporters who are collectively demonstrating that every person has the resounding capacity to create good. PoP partners with local communities to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. Find out more here.


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  • justin bieber is an insparation and i think evrybody should know that.i think justin bieber is a kind, caring and giving person and his song pray is amazing and i like how he sang on waving flag that was awsome too.but i hope evryone out there knows that justin bieber isnt a bad person hes a good one

  • justin i love u sooooo much u r sooooooooooooo sweet giving money 2 charity

    • u are my insperation to me and every one over the globe and i hope u and selena will keep dating cause u 2 r gr8 together soooo love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but hope 1 day i can go to one of ur concerts

  • Nobody N. Nameless

    Justin Bieber is a selfish little shit. That is all.

    • terri

      Really, and what have you done. This is a young man who has done well for himself, and also gives millions to charity. So why is he a selfish little sh*t?? Jelousy is not a good thing. You need to open your mind, I think we all know who is the selfish little sh*t!! What makes you even write things like this?? Perhaps conselling would be good for you. Your name ? Nobody N. Nameless really says it all!!! By the way< I am a 50 year old mother with 2 kids, not a Bieber lover, but admire what he has done, and continues to do with charity work.

  • jujjjjjjjjjjjjj pek ne ti

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  • Monticha

    Justin Bieber is awesome!!! He is so nice and caring giving money to charity. I would do that when i am older.

    • Monticha

      i would give money to charity if i had alot of money when i am older and i hope i do.