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Last.fm gets hacked by Justin Bieber haters ebBum’s World

This is hot news not yet reported anywhere as it just happened minutes ago.

Hackers had just hacked into last.fm moments earlier and posted a picture of Justin Bieber giving oral sex to a black man. The picture had been photoshopped (obviously!!) and posted on the main Justin Bieber page at last.fm, one of the biggest music and entertainment websites on the net.

After contemplating whether I should post a link to the screen capture of the page, I have decided to since you could probably easily find it in the next few days. Just let me warn you first that the picture is very graphic and if you are easily offended then I suggest you do not click on this link. There is male nudity.

As far as I know at the moment, the group behind it is ebaumsworld.com which happens to be the same hater group that attacked JBShrine 2 months ago and started the numerous recent rumors about JB (dead, accident, syphilis).