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JustBeats by Dr Dre: Justin Bieber’s new headphones

JustBeats by Dr Dre: Justin Bieber's new headphones

The Justin Bieber headphones (aka JustBeats by Dr Dre) come in in-ear and on-ear versions. Monster says they’re specifically designed to teach young music fans to appreciate good quality sound. They also might just be about getting those young music fans on pricey headphones but hey, call us cynical.

While his the JustBeats come with the Justin Bieber seal of approval, the Biebz himself didn’t have a hand in their design (this isn’t a Lady Gaga Polaroid situation). Instead he’s just helping with the “messaging”. Translation: “Attention, Justin Bieber fans! Your tiny faced god wants you to buy these headphones. This will make him happy and encourage him to marry you.”

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a Justin Bieber fan in your family, JustBeats will be on sale in time for Christmas. JustBeats by Dr Dre will set you back £169.95 for the purple on-ear version and £89.95 for the purple and chrome finish in-ear style.

JustBeats by Dr Dre: Justin Bieber's new headphones

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  • Dempsey

    The cans are the exact same ones he wears in the somebody to love vid! I just realized that! GO LOOK: http://www.vevo.com/watch/justin-bieber/somebody-to-love-remix/USUV71001253

    • beats by dre fan

      it looks like he is wearing purple studios to me mate

  • Nice Headphones!

  • it look like great,the color,the style,i like it.

  • I love u sooooooooooooo much I am like ur no.1 fan I have sooo many pictures of you on my desktop on my apple MacBook pro luv u Honor and inlovee your dr dre headphones

    • He’s h-o-t-t .hot I love him.i went to his concert

  • does it work on ipod touch 4 ?
    hey how much do they cost?

    • Anonymous

      hello my name is ellie i love your headphones

  • How much does it cost now?

  • Melissa escobar

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  • Melissa escobar

    hey Danielle hail

  • Melissa escobar

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