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Free Justin Bieber Meet and Greet

Free Justin Bieber Meet and Greet

Justin Bieber will be at Barnes and Noble at The Grove of Los Angeles on October 31st at 3:00 PST for a meet and greet with fans.

It is in honor of his new book that has made it on the New York Times Best Sellers list. You have to buy a copy of his book at that location in order to get the bracelet pass for the event.

No signing will be allowed or personal cameras or phone’s to take photos. Barnes & Noble will have a photo station set up where they will take professional photos of you and Justin Bieber. You can then download the photo for free after the event.


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  • Dear Justin Bieber it would be a dream come true to meet you, you are my special idol and i look up to you very highly, your song is truely unbelievable and i love you with all my heart.

    • HIi luvv justin bieber so so so so much and i dont even know who u r!!!

    • Anonymous

      omg i luv himm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much he is so hotttttttttttttttttttttt

    • elizabeth

      hey iam with u how old are u isnt he a cutie

      • Ivy

        If I ever met him I would anything to get his number

    • Anonymous

      i love him moreeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Anonymous

        NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HOW MUCH HE LOVES ME???? i have everything justin bieber. Room purple. cut outs everywhere. justin bieber bedspread and justin bieber toothbrush and underwear..so come at me braaaaa. I Am a bELieBeR <3

    • Anonymous

      I know he is my idol too

  • stephanie collins

    i would love to meet you. you are such a good singer and i live in melbourne . i love you . xxox have a great time in melbourne and australian pick me for your one less lonely girl … xxxxxxx
    stephanie collins

    • hi justin im your college friend you first girlfriend

  • stephanie collins

    dear justin drew bieber.
    i am you biggest fan im sure alot of girls say this but im your one less lonely girl.
    i would love to just have a normall conversation with you not like all the girls that scream ur name and are really obsessed with you. i hope you like australia and melbourne is a beautful place to live. you can talk to me im australian. hehe.
    love stephanie lois collins.

    ps. i hope i get to meet you with my little cousin it would be a one in a life time exsperience. we would just love to see you. it would make our world . im so jealous that other girls in australia get to meet you and i know i will never had a chance. but i should never say never nothing inpossible like your dream

    • Anonymous

      i am ur not try to be his gf cuz i am and i am onlt 17 how about that

  • Louise Hickey

    Hey Justin, I am 18 years old and I live in Tassie. After spending over 50 hours all up on searching the web for competitons to meet you I have entered every one possible. If I won and got to meet you then my dream will cometrue. I made you a card so I would really love to give it to you in person so I pray I win. Please pick meeeeeeee for your one less lonley girl πŸ˜€ that will put the biggest and the most pretty smile on my face. Never say Never! I love you so much <3

    • Hello we are Zoe and Erin, in the past week all we have ever been doing is preying about getting the chance to either meet or even get a simple hug from Justin Bieber, we would prey in the middle of a shopping centre, in the middle of streets, on the side walks, and even in popular parks, whenever we thought was a suitable time, we would prey. Justin Bieber is just so amazing and us being from the country ( broome ) find it extremely hard to get even the littlest bit close to Justin Bieber. Please think about this, because this would literally be a dream come true. Thankyouu.
      He inspires us.
      We love you Justin.

    • Anonymous

      girl u dont got nothing on me im dating him not u so back of ok or i will back in

      • Anonymous

        Lol your not dating bieber hunnie.

  • Louise Hickey

    Justin: I just want to tell you that if I see you or I get to meet you I promise I wont scream or act like omg its really you because If guys came up to me and did that right in my face I think I would get scared. I am one of your biggest fans and I have alot of posters of you but I wouldn’t act crazy.

    • keke

      i love you

  • magda

    Thx god.I can’t believe that tomorrow I can see justin bieber!!I’m so excited!cause I’m his huge giant #1 fan!I hope I can get his autograph and a picture with him (finger cross)

    • dear Justin drew bieber,
      i wish that i could see u one day i love u u are the best i wish i could be Ur on less lonely girl. i wish that i can come ti Ur concert at least to see u once. and even if i don’t see u i will picture . u are the best and i am 100% truly a belieber .
      P.S i am not like the other girls

    • lori

      hey justin

      like most girls say i love you but i dont just love you i believe in you i really do your just one of my favorite singers ever to meet you would be just so awesome i have tickets to your concert but im pretty sure the seats are not as close as i would of hoped but u no what i dont care at least i get to see you bust ur moves and sing i really dont mind ….. and guess what i have like 55 posters on my wall of you im still going im not gonna give up soon i hope my wall is full ….love you xx

    • Anonymous

      I shifted to pakistan,karachi but before i was in france
      u r sooo lucky dude

  • Heys,
    It would be an honour to meet you, I love you so much and I am your biggest fan! Please give me the opportunity to meet you. It would be a dream come true. I have around 100 posters of you and i have bought everything that is by you.
    I am begging you. Please give me the chance.
    I love you,
    Hannah. x

    • is he having a concert on april 30

    • Anonymous

      Me 2 i love him like anything i live in France but fortunetelling i am shifted to Pakistan,IK i hate it here but i have a request for bieber as i can’t come to LA to meet him, can he plzzzz come to pakistan i am his biggest fan there plzzzz, actually we had a bomblast there and 10 ppl died i want him to come i cry for him atleast everyday at night because my dream dosen’t come true but i won’t say never ever because i know he will come to PAKISTAN KARACHI!!!
      LOVE <3 U JUSTIN!!!
      Juliette Margret

      • Anonymous

        He’ a true inspiration
        and shutt up haters
        i love him
        i wanna be ur one less lonely girl!

  • Ashlee

    hey justin,
    i would love to meet you and sing some of your songs with you.
    you have inspired me to never say never and keep my head up high and follow my dreams. xoxo I am your number 1 fan xoxo

  • Ashlee

    Dear Justin,
    it would be a dream to meet you and sing some of your songs with you. Your songs are so cool. I have tried so hard to win some free tickets so i can meet you and sing. Thanks fory all the insperation and i will never say never and try to become famous and follow my dream.

    • Anonymous

      i love him! He’s a true inspiration!!

  • Annika Mauk

    Dear Justin,
    I have tried so many times to enter your competitions to meet you and only to miss out!!! Like all the fans, I would be over the moon to meet you in Perth with my 3 besties!! i am one of your biggest fans! if i met you that would be a dream come true i hope this is enough to meet you! you are my favourite singer in the whole wide world!!

  • Kylee

    Hi Justin,
    I am the mother of a beautiful 16 yr old daughter who is also talented vocally, But i am her mother and alittle bias. Micayla wants nothing more than to be the next one less lovely girl, and my 7 yr old son, Harry is learning to playing the drums to follow in your foot steps. It would mean so much to both of them to meet you i hope that they can be the fortunate ones and get this opportunity.
    Thanks Justin

  • Isabella

    hey when u said hes doing the meet n great is it october 31 is it 2011 or 2010?

  • hey justin,
    i am 13 years old and live in sydney. i would love to meet you not because i am not obsessed but because i am inspired. i can’t sing but i love to dance. it is really hard to be discovered as dancer because there are just so many of us with such great talent and even though i am not an amazing dancer i still believe. I know that if i stick at what i love i will eventually become a great at it, with the time and practice. My favourite song is ‘pray’, I can’t explain why. It would mean so much to me if i could meet you, I love you and what your about. and even if i dont win I’ll still pray. you make dreams come true <3 thank you(:

  • Anonymous

    Hi Justin bieber
    I love you and your songs and it would be amazing to meet you and I wouldn’t go insane like most girls I would be normal but I would love to meet you I live in Brisbane hope I meet you !!!

  • dear justin i love u soooo much im goin to ur melbourne concert but i reallly wanna meet u were ever i see u or if i here ur name i start crying i love u that much it aint funny its been my dream bout meeting u …. i will do anything to meet you justin and for ur one less lonley girl can u pick carly west πŸ™‚ hahahahaha ILOVEUJUSTIN BIEBER AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    i cant wait to see u it will be an amazing night

  • bianca bates

    hi. i know that you dont even know that i exist in this world.
    i admire your talent, your hotness (haha) and i admire the fact that you never gave up……

    i would love to meet you and ill never give up.
    i am going to your concert tomorrow (28th april 2011 acer arena)
    see you there.

    ps. i look latin…….haha.

    πŸ™‚ love from bianca…

  • jackie

    it would be a honor and a dream of mine your like my hero. i love your songs and i believe that one day i could become famouse like you and i want to follow i you foot steps ilove your songs especially some body to love i just love it i hoppe i get to go to your concert

  • Marie Ludvarova

    Dear justin drew bieber.
    I came to australia like 5 years ago, when i came here i didnt know english and didnt have any good friends. I came from Czech republic.
    When i herd your song i knew from the start that you will be my idol!!,,.. i love you so so so much.
    i know that you have a gilfriend (i think) but before you leave back to new york. Please call me on this number 0450130418. And i just want to talk to you and yeah!! ,, trustme im your one less lonely girl. By the way i loved your concert at sydney it was amazing. Hope your back feels better!! πŸ™‚ say hi to everyone that you work with e.g usher, your mum ( she is so nice and she is really pretty), and who ever you know.
    When i was in Czech republic i went to a sining classes and i love singin, I love sining to your songs i will do anything and i mean anything o meet you, sing for you, smile for you, hug you, make a video for you or even hear your goerges voice.
    P.S. sorry bout te spelling :/ hahah
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3xxxx

  • Marie Ludvarova

    I will pary for you, i will never say never. and i believe that you will be caring for me like you love me!!,,,, πŸ™‚ i dont know how to explain in words how much i love you!!,, when i saw you at the concert rapping i was screaming out ( you go boy),, but i dont think you herd me!! i live at.
    New south wales
    woy woy
    rawson rd 2/43
    and my number is 0450130418, before you leave australia please call me!! πŸ™‚ i would be honord!! if you will i would do ANYTHING to hear you laugh, smile, talk, sing, and maybe even meet up togethere!!.we have so much in commmer!!,, ARGHHH sorry about the spelling!! i feel really bad!,, i want you to listen to my song that i made for you!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    I love you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Anonymous

      Actually he dosen’t this site it’s a fan made if it’s true than WHOA! cool

  • Harmeen

    i hope someone takes recognition of this
    you are a true inspiratin ive followed your career since day 1 when you started putting up videos of you singing. I’ve loved music and especially singing for as long as i can remember. I’ve written songs and have managed to produce one called over you babes so far. I’ve written a song that i would love for you to somehow receive and if not sing, then atleast see it. it would be a true honour for me as ive always wanted to become an artist and for an inspiration to read it or sing it would encourage me so much more . you’ve thought your fans to believe, and i have with my own music . i love your talent nd i think youre gorgeous .

    been trying everywhere to make this happen but its tough. meetign you and giving you this song at the perth concert on 7th may would be a dream coem true . help me make this happen

    Always your supporter πŸ™‚
    lots of love
    Harmeen Puarr

  • molly

    dear justin
    my name is molly i love you so much i even have a poster on my wall that i kiss.
    iv always wanted to meet you i am 9 yearsold and i love you
    p.s i would cry so much if i met you

    i llllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee yyyyoooouuuu

    i love you i am 12 years old .i have a question can you cometo houston texas.my birthday is on may 10 plz come.i saw your movie it made me cry i love jb.i wont ever forget you.i am your#1fan

  • portia

    hi justin bieber,

    i am 9
    and i love you
    you are my fav singer and i really want to meet you and please come meet me i love you and so does my friends if i meet u i get to tell them that i sore u face to face snd i am one of you biggest fans please reaply and vist me or just speek to me please

    bye for now i love u justin bieber <3


  • Rickee

    Hey Justin BEIBER I live Ina small town in Atchison I’ve never ever heard of any famous person here but I love my lil sis nd I am the oldest of 10 nd have 8 and two brothers my lil sisters are big fans I wish u could meet them cuz they need a little fun just think about it.

  • brianna jensen

    hi justin,it would also be a BIG HONOR to meet u to i love u und u inspire me 100%.but sadly i dont live in the usa anymore,i live in Frankfurt,Germany.=(and t be honest i dont have 100 posters of u but i do have 32.and still i im one of YOUR BIGGEST FANS.I have never been to one of your concerts:(because we dont have much money but i do have alot of things from u,books,cds,exidira.And honestly if i would ever meet u than actually don’t know what i would I would probablly be like that girl that u suprised at her house on ellen.i am 13 and a girl thatis enspired by your life storie.im glad that their is a person in this world that enspires me sooooooo much,thank u for teaching me to never say never.LOVE U! <3
    ilu bri.

  • Amos Smith

    Hi my name is Amos and I play the didgeridoo and a bit of guitar and my Dad he makes didgeridoos and he would be glad to give you a didgeridoo if you want one. I am coming to your show on Saturday night in Perth. My mum is bringing me from Albany. I am nine years old.
    From Amos Smith

  • Alicia Tarasenko

    heey, I’m Alicia, umm i don’t know what to say O.O
    Well i love your music, it is amazing πŸ˜‰
    I have always wanted to meet you, but this year i dont know if i can :l
    So i’m asking bro if you can do a meet and great PLEASE!

    Facebook me Alicia Maria πŸ˜‰

  • Caitie

    hey justin ,
    i hope you come to bendigo sometime ( where i live ) ( 2 hours from Melbourne i think ) so i could meet you in person , if it does come true i wont be like all the other girls and scream id just act all normal like i always do. I wasnt allowed to go to your concert in Melbourne because my family is really poor, my mum is a 31year old women with 4 children so its hard for her so thats why im looking for competitions from now on πŸ™‚ hope i can meet you some time (fingers crossed)
    Caitie xx

    • Catitie you must be a wonderful person but i would like to know how Justin inspires you?

  • Justin just wanted to say you inspire me and i’ve written songs and i would like to meet you so you can actually help me achive my dream of being a singer. Since your album One Time came out i loved it and was just inspired to sing. And i have lots of songs i have written and i wrote them for me one day to meet you so you can teach me. I am 11 years old and i’ve been inspired that you were 14 when you started your career and now im not afraid to take out my dreams and see that kids can make their dreams come true if you try and just comes to you when your little and that’s what happened to me and thankyou! i hope you can contact me and that i can Foward you one of my songs because your the person i look up too and it would really be a dream to meet and be able to sing with you! Thankyou Justin Bieber for taking time to read this! πŸ™‚

  • ItsEmiily96

    it was about 3 years ago when i found your video on youtube, so i went and got my sister to show them to her! and the one thing i said before you were famous was that kids got talent and id like to help him get noticed:) well you did it yourself and all you did was believe. when people say are youwatching justin bieber im watching your videos before you were famous cause they are amazing!! if i met you it would be like meeting a normal person cause i see you as normal:) if i got to meet you, i would take you on a normal day out:) so you can experience that again!! keep your head high xx emily πŸ™‚

  • hi am manya one i want to sing with you one time.and meet you in delhi in real first we will chat on facebook then i will give you my adress . i want to be a good good good freind

  • hi Justin i hope your reading this but i went to your concert and i really want to meet you and im only 8 years old

  • Morgan

    justin bieber my dream would come true if i meet you in person i love your music and you

  • mariah stafford

    heyy justin im pretty suree u dnt care about me as much as u say but i love u like im not a obsseser but i think ur hot cool and freankin awesome but i was wondering if u would do me a faver wen ever u get out of ur tourr but i really need a date to my farwell dance for 8 grade no one will ask me well this one person like me and i like him but someone else ask him before i could πŸ™ but if i go to the farwell dance with u ill be popualr and ill know wat it feels like bc im not popualr lol but if u do read this reply bck and ill give u the details :))

    thanks for reading this ur true friend untill the end mariah s

  • Courtney

    Justin Bieber ,
    To Me Your Just An Normal Guy With Amazingly Good Looks, Great Singer And Of What I’ve Heard From Twitter Youu Have A Great Personality. I’d Love To Have A Normal Convosation With That Would Be A Dream Come True ILove Everything About Youu And If Youu Ever Need A Fan To Talk To Just Letting Youu Know Im Here For Youu. Juss Add Me On Twitter : @c0urtn3yl0uis3 We Could Have A Good Chat

    Courtney Scholes X

    • kayla

      why would he jerk

  • can you marry me even whan i am 7 i am a fan and i love you by justin bieber from emma grace cunningham

  • kayla

    can you meet me i want to your friend that all on june 9th is my graduation im going to 6 th grade my birthday is october13 i want to know you can come i live in koala dr 527 ,fl 34759i ho pe you could come for my b-day bey

  • justin bieber. how do i start. you are so amazing. ive been following you on twitter for ages now praying that you would notice me. i tweet you about 50 times a day..i really hope someday you notice me and when you come back to australia me and my girls are going to your concert. were going to get first row we hope. you dont know how much it would mean to me if you ever meet you. evan for a secound, to beath the same air as you would make my life complete. i could go on for hours explaining how amazing i think you are. im saving up so i can go to your concert if and when you come back, when you came i was the only one out of my friends not to go because i didnt have any money when i got the money there were no seats left. i cried for an mounth until the concert was over and it was anoying cause i loved you the most out of all my friends and i didnt go. please come back soon i really hope that someday i will meet you. you taught me to never say never and to follow my dreams. lots of love your biggest fan on this earth.

  • hi justin bieber my name is camille and i live in broome lost and lost of girls lovez u her o i think u shoud come to broome in austaliea wa pli pliz pliz pliz pliz. o and all the will love u her.love u

  • cameron

    justin next year i am going to sing on americas got talent i hope your watching iam lising to your music all the time

  • justin bieber

    omg i love u justin xxx
    if i had the chose between loving justin and living my last words would be ikloveyoujustin xxxxxxxx

  • you guys like him you know you have no chance he loves selena gomez and leave as it is.

  • Hey justin i am your biggest fan ever i listened to your songs all the time yo0u expired me to do lots of gra8 things from your music and lots of things i will never allow anything to hert you im such like a GARDUIN ANGEL to you love u xoxoxo




  • omg i love justin bieber so mmuch he is so sweet and hot i am his number 1 fan i love him so much omg i wish i could meet him its my number 1 dream ever but i know its neva gonna come true but anyways. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH JUSTIN!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  • mina

    OMG justin bieber i look up to you so much because you inspired me to never give up on my dreams i really want to meet you because i just love you so much and it would be my dream to meet you even if it only lasted 5 minutes or 48 hrs i just want to meet you in person

  • Mrs.Bieber

    hey justin u r so cute!! i lllluuuvvv you!!!!!!!!!!i am soon your girlfriend

  • Justin Drew Bieber

    Hey girls its Justin just saying on November 21st i will be at the northridge mall movie theater seeing parnormal activity 3!! Wanna come with me?? Call 8189980259!! I love u guys!!

  • Anonymous

    hey i love u soooooooo much<3

  • Avery Bieber

    hey i love u soooooo much!<3

    • aw i bet jb saw n he said he luv’s u 2


    • dat was really cute wat u wrote and a little funny in a gud way

  • Anonymous

    Baby baby ohhhhhh πŸ™‚

    • funny wat u wrote im not sayin dat in a mean way either

  • oh ah cute pic of jb i luv u jb

  • CiaraBieber

    Justin i love you so much, me and my best friend cry from how far youve come from a small town, ive watched you grow up and been here since the start of your journey, some beliebers left when you started dating selena, cut your hair, and just grew up, youve stayed the same amazing person since the very beginning, and i know i’ll stay even if you change, they obviously werent real beliebers! please please please come to milton keynes, it would mean everything to me, please pick me to be your one less onely girl..?! love you so much! all my love and support, Ciara x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

  • i like to be your friend this my skyp name sinda.mtar2

  • Alina Romina

    Ayee there! (;
    I’m a HUGE Belieber!Love Justin’s music,voice,smile,hair,personality and much more… MY BIGGEST DREAM IN MY LIFE IS TO MEET THE SWAGGER AND THANK HIM FOR EVERYTHING HE DID FOR ME , EVEN NOT KNOWING IT . I Believe I’ll meet him one day , cuz I’m a Belieber & Believer ! Never Say Never !
    <3 Love,Alina

  • Jessica

    Hey Justin
    Can’t believe your coming to Australia, you inspire me and music I’ve written songs and people just seem to get In the way of my dreams. I love your new song as long as you love me! I just don’t get why people dont like you…. You did nothing wrong.. My friends live my voice and reckon that my voice sounds like… Well something similar to Adele. I can rap like Nicki Minag…. Luv you and keep up the good work!

  • Sarah Bryan

    I really want to meet you Justin, and not just at a concert. I want to be able to be your friend.

  • Courtneyharbor

    Hey Justin bieber

  • Courtneyharbor

    I am 18 teen year old and I can dat you

  • Courtneyharbor

    I can’t make it to you I live far away forme you

  • Courtneyharbor

    You can met me at tupelo Mississippi

  • Alishah

    hey justin, i am the biggest beliber ever it would be a dream come true to meet you nd i love u with all my heart.

  • hopelessly in love

    Dear Justin,
    I am truly in love with you. I wish i could meet you in person
    because your my hero. Your my Superman and when I’m in danger your
    always there to rescue me just in time. so i hope you get this message.

    from your biggest bielieber

  • clementina

    dear Justin Bieber
    i just wanted u to tell your mom i side hi, she is a good mom

  • Katelyn

    I love Justin Bieber .hey