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Justin Bieber Superfan Sweepstakes

Ryan Seacrest & Xbox 360 are giving you the chance to win a trip for four to Anaheim, CA to sit front row at the Xbox 360 Presents Justin Bieber My World Tour show! PLUS, the winner and three friends will go backstage before the show, meet Justin Bieber and play Kinect for Xbox 360 with him! WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The winner will also receive an Xbox 360 console AND Kinect for Xbox 360 before it’s available in stores on November 4th! This incredible prize includes: round trip coach airfare for four, two nights hotel accommodations, ground transportation, one Xbox 360 console, one Kinect sensor, four front row tickets to the Justin Bieber My World Tour show at The Honda Center on 10/27/10, and a meet and greet with Justin Bieber where the winner will play Kinect for Xbox 360 with him!

Enter here.

Contest open to Americans outside Alaska and Hawaii only. October 17 is the last day to enter.

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  • madi

    i really wanna win

  • Selena Santos

    I know this contest is over but I really, really, really want to see you on tour in the UK….So please consider me for a random selection for free tickets possibly ai fair….Oh how happy I would be….I know I might be asking a lot but it is my dream to see you perform live…Thank you for your time for I know you are busy….

    I Love Justin Bieber…..Your most layal and loving fan…..Selena Maria Santos

  • sarah millman

    i really wanna see u on may in adelaide. plzz let me win i know i might be asking much but it would be awesome!!! LOVE U JB.

  • hey justin its destiny im such a big fan iwas wondering if you can really meet me one day heres my number6468415847

  • Elisha Crowther

    really wanted ticekts i feel so sad that they sold out i will pay for the i just saved and then they were sold out i cant belive JB WILL BE UP THERE and i wont be there! 🙁 please anyone i really want tickes for ADELAIDE i will really appreciated!

  • i really want to see u in a concert in new jersey close to mahattan please but let it be on a friday or satururday and i want to be inthe front but a lot of people get the front row.

  • Tayla

    Justin Bieber.
    I’m not asking to come to your concert or anything but you’re honestly so loyal and genuine and look like the nicest guy out. I hope you have fun at all your concerts and I’m sure every screaming girl will love you there. You’re truely and inpiration, you teach us all that it doesn’t matter what age we are but we can shine in our own way, so thankyou. You’re amazing have a good life bieber and i’ll always be your fan. Maybe not your number 1 fan but i’ll always be on your side 🙂

  • YourZombie

    Lol, my friend won this contest ;P
    I would have gone with her to the concert, but I don’t like Justin Bieber xD

  • plz have a concert that is cheep and on duluth on a weekend

  • geni

    plz let ur concert be at uluth and cheep andtikits and bbakstage we will pay

  • geni

    plz let ur concert be at duluch and cheep and tickits and back stage we will still pay

  • i know the contest is over but i stilll love justin bieber and i will never stop lovng i rellly want to go to one of his concerts my we cant affored it thats my dream !!!!!! justin inspires me so much<3 my neice is 1 years old and kisses your poster its so so cute!!! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER SO FRIDGEN MUCH:) im your bigges fan i would be at your concert if i could affored it:(

  • Anonymous

    Justin bieber i love you so much and i really wanna see u in concert in adelaide plz justin I love you and i always willl luv ya <3

  • I

    I love you so much and can ya plz plz come to adelaide again all of us will be waiting justin Adelaide loves you <3<3<3<3 I love you <3 xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoxx

  • i love you jb i will se you tommarow pic mahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 🙂

  • midejah marcel

    im a huge fan that all my dolls and my toys r all for u i love u justin bieber watch out girls heres mrs.bieber !!!!!!! ps. i always ask my mom for tickets but she cant aford them plzz give me it

  • sierra

    hey justin i really wish i can meet you that make my day

  • HEY!!!! justin i wish i can meet you