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Justin Bieber shirtless tour pics

justin bieber shirtless tourbus picture
justin bieber shirtless football picture

These pictures were taken by Robert Caplin, Justin’s official tour photographer. He just launched his own site Bieberpix.com for charity. Go check it out.

Here’s a bonus hot (half?) shirtless tour pic I think you’ll enjoy:

justin bieber shirtless in concert

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  • joe

    hot hot hot bieber
    no one can be sexyer than bieber your alright bieber

    • kat valentine

      ikr lol he is soooo hot and sexy…iā™„ā™„ā™„u jb!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Beliebers are horny, and they have a bloody good reason to be too! *___*

  • Issie x

    Omg, good bod there babe!!! Xoxo