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Lil Twist Talks Joint Mixtape With Justin Bieber

Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Young Money rapper Lil Twist and pop star Justin Bieber joining forces for a joint mixtape ever since YM head Mack Maine spilled a few deets to Vibe Magazine.

Well, get excited, Team Twist and Beliebers. It’s really happening.

“It’s in the works,” Twist confirmed to NeonLimelight.com in a phone interview yesterday (November 9). “We got a few records done, and every time we talk, we actually talk about this mixtape.”

The 17-year-old mohawk-sporting rap star says he’ll be meeting up with Bieber on the second leg of his My World tour to get a few more tracks done before releasing it “maybe next year.”

The move is similar to what fellow Young Money rapper Tyga pulled with his Fan of a Fan mixtape with R&B star Chris Brown. And like Breezy did on FOAF, the Biebs will apparently be getting his rap on, too.

“We recently did ‘Billionaire’ by Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars,” Twist told us. “We did that over with our own words, like a remix. That’s how we’re gonna do the majority of the mixtape, with other people’s records and just me freestyling over it. And Justin’s a rapper now, so he’s gonna be goin’ in.”

Bieber is also one of the featured guests on Twist’s debut album, Don’t Get It Twisted, scheduled for an early 2011 release. Others include Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne.

In the meantime, fans can check out Lil Twist’s new mixtape, The Takeover: Carte Blanche Edition, available for download now.