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Justin Bieber on Tinychat early this morning

Pssst, Justin was on a fan’s Tinychat this morning.

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  • hi justin and how are u

    • Drea Justin i am ur biggest fan from pakistan and i realy love u i cant stay without u and ur songs i love u <3


        Justin I love you so much. please come to London again. we all love you so much and miss you. I have been crying for 3 weeks now. I LOVE YOU SOMUCH XXXXX

    • ashley

      hi how are you kaylee

    • ashley

      hey justin is mine

  • jasminejbfaan

    omb iloveeeeeeyou justin 😀 <3 im a hugee fan XxX

    • Anonymous

      im justin

      • keyshia

        you are omg i love your songs

  • mariah

    that will be so cool if i ever get to meet him in person i will start to cry and everything

    • ashley

      no i will

  • omg i love you justin sooo much i wish i could marry you ahhhhh your soooo freaking hot

    • ashley

      justin bieber is mine

    • ashley

      he is so hot

    Justin Bieber!!!! r u ever coming to indiana!!!!????

  • hey justin i am a really big fan i want to marry u sooooooooo much like i cant help it ur so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    • Normally I’m against kliling but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

  • cheyenne

    hallo justin bieber

  • Justin bIeber I sweetheart hug kiss meet shy deaf like Alejandra Magana 🙂

    • cassie randall

      hey justin bieber this cassie randall from cedar rapids i love u


    justin bieber you are very sweet and iI love you very much

  • Khyia

    Justin bieber I love you come visit me in chicago

  • mallory

    omg because i would marry him someday how old are you im going crazy about you and im crazy fan i wantt you private real phone number and i want you come my brithday im turing 18 years old to surpise me i get real exitend to see you i can not wait

  • ashley

    hey justin bieber you are so hot

  • mallory

    hey you want to be girlfriend and i want you for real day because i wanted this so bad until my brithday thing i can not wait to you hey justin bieber you are so hot for me would you marry me somday because my parents wants me to prove i can not let see what happend about it please come brithday i want you

  • pinky

    I’m a big fan of you .i love you justin.you are so sweet and cute.

  • pinky

    i want to meet you plzz plzzz.my biggest dream is to meet you.

  • mallory

    still in my love i have phone number i have it told you because still my new girlfriend i loved all your songs to be fanit on me fall in love for dacing and singing to impartant in my life to you all the time tiny chat with you justin bieber sexy

  • thais mattos

    l love

  • thais mattos

    l love

  • zabyrah

    are you here??

  • akaysha

    what is your tinychat password