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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber alone in hotel room together

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’ Private Hotel Date

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continued to fuel rumors that the two teen stars are dating when the pair were spotted ordering room service alone in Justin’s swanky hotel suite.

According to Life & Style Weekly, Justin, 16, called down to STK restaurant at the swanky Gansevoort Hotel in Miami, Florida to order room service for himself and his “Year Without Rain” galpal.

The twosome’s order? Penne pasta with alfredo sauce, a ginger ale and a Pepsi soda. Maybe the pair were planning to split their pasta Lady and the Tramp-style.

Life and Style reports that Justin has had a crush on 18-year-old Selena for “forever” but they remained friends, perhaps due to their age difference. “I guess something changed for her,” said an insider. Sounds like things are heating up!

Dating rumors started to surround the two when they were spotted leaving an IHOP restaurant arm-in-arm. Later, the pair were spotted frolicking together in Miami and snuggling on Justin’s tour bus after a concert. Justin and Selena were on tour together for the nation-wide radio Jingle Ball tour.


Think they are dating? I do.

The article forgot to report that the room service was ordered at 1am in the morning. Yes 1am. Go figure.

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  • i like selena gomez

    • Anonymous

      i know and i LOVE justin bieber to but i dont think they should be together

      • aunna

        I LOVE justin bieber!!!:):):)<3

      • Anonymous

        acho eles dois m casal lindo
        e ela faz muito bem a ele
        quando ele tava com ela não fazia tanta burrada
        como ta fazendo agora?

    • Anonymous

      selena needs 2 leave justin alone hes mine

      • Anonymous

        hey was never yours!

        • LIZI

          selena is the moust beautiful but I dont like justine like selena. I love her songs and films. she is realy beautiful. I live in Georgia and there are very much selena’s and justine’s haters but we love u and wait the time when we can see u in live… Love u!

      • Anonymous


    • me to and justin beiber

  • Anonymous

    i hat selena cauze she wants publicity she gave him a kiss at the billboards for popularity cant u guys see it c mon

    • katiee x

      um Justin gave HER a kiss. he even pulled her arm to bring her on stage but she didnt want to go so she stayed in her seat. so suckon that loser xD

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe you guys. They love each other and they DATING . Its like you and your boy/girlfriend . That’s called love .. You hate her because you wish it was you but they are in love people so it’s time to give it a rest. Selena perfectly said that they’re not gonna marry so … And actually that’s not the fan’s biswax

    • Jasmine

      Yeah i think the same too becoz firstly she cant sing ha bt i like her music n she looks……. Without makeup and there are more beautiful girls than her in this world u know bt if justin wants her n she is the one for him then i am happy for them i just wanna always see a smile on justin’s face love u forever

    • LIZI

      it’s not real. selly don’t need to be populatity she is the moust beautiful and selenators must be love her aniway if she kiss justine or not.

  • hi i hate that justin is with her his hair is not even straight anymore u can tell he really dont wanna be with her

    • cupcake

      ya i know his hair was way cuter before but i think that justin wants to be with her cuz hello shes older and cute

      • justinbieberlover

        no its cuz he likes her n she likes him bakk!! theres no reason to hate on either of themm!! i mean i LOVE justin bieber n i liked selena gomez n even tho selena is dating justin tht didnt make me start randomly hating her!! shes cool n haters only hate cuz they’re jealous!!!!!

        • Jasmine

          Yeah thats true….. Bt just wanna say something i’m not getting jealous bt she cant sing

  • she kisses him in public so she can make people jealous and so she can get punched in the face

    • justinbieberlover

      thts stupid she kissed him cuz she likes him n ur just a jealous hater!!

    • I hate jealousbeliebers

      Fuck you bitch. The only one that need a punch in the face is YOU.

  • cupcake

    i like selena gomez, but she is only with him for popularity i mean cant u guys tell shes 18 and hes 17

    • justinbieberlover

      so thts just a one year difference!!! i dated a guy tht was 14 n im 13!!!!

  • Aashi

    Selena is with justin for popularity as she is of 18 and he is of 17

  • Aashi

    I love justin bieber,he love a girl who is elder.

  • Hi Justin how are you doing


  • Honestly i always disliked selena gomez because she madee miley cyrus’s life bad but in some part miley did it herself but im WAYY over that but all i have to say is i wouldnt be suprised if selena was preganet by JB after the pics i saw on google and no there werent fake … justin bieber is a freaked out perv he likes anything with boobs and butt -__________-

    • justinbieberlover

      ur just a haterrr!!!!!!! JEALOUS MUCHH!!! i think so

  • Courtney

    How can you be a hater for having an opinion???? Like really? Shut up till u know what ur talkin bout. Come’on now

  • it just annoys me to see selena everywhere justin is now.
    Selena needs to let Justin have his own space
    I just wanna see Justin not Selena

  • Blah

    Ugggh.Selena is ok, but i fucking hate her guts when it comes to her and Justin.It jsut pisses me off. but hey, they love each other so just let it be

  • Justin bieber

    I’m jb looooool

  • mhikee

    i Love Selena GOmez aND juStiNE BieBEr ,, !!



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  • ashley

    hey justin i am a huge fan and i got tickets to see you in boston

  • gavrielle

    you guys are so cute