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Selena waits for Justin at his tour bus after Miami concert

Selena Gomez meets Justin Bieber on his tour bus after Miami concert

Selena Gomez hops onto pal Justin Bieber’s tour bus after his concert at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday (December 18) in Miami, Fla.

Looks like these two are becoming quite friendly! Yesterday, Selena, 18, and Justin, 16, were spotted hanging out in South Beach.

Last weekend, JJJ spies spotted Selena in Justin’s dressing room at Madison Square Garden during Z100’s Jingle Ball. She was also seen on the side of the stage while Justin was performing!

FYI: Below, Justin can be seen carrying a bag containing Pantene Shampoo and Proactiv skin care products.

See more pictures at JUST JARED JR.

We know Justin had a concert in Miami. But why was Selena also in Miami? Anyone know?

Oh, and Just Jared Jr totally forgot about her ‘eating breakfast on Justin Bieber’s lap‘ moment at IHOP’

Selena Gomez meets Justin Bieber on his tour bus after Miami concert

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  • wow they look nice………….

  • Justin you look so funny and cute ….

    I Lov3 You JUSTIN ….:)

  • i think it was nice of her to wait for justin. i love him so much. he is so cute.if i could meet Justin Bieber just one time i would be the happiest girl on earth. today i saw a tour bus a block away from Madame Tousauds when i read what it said i got so excited it said Bieber tour bus. when i got home i told my dad but he said it wasn’t him. i got really upset. somewhere inside of me i really think it was his bus. even if it was him or not. Now Selena i am going to talk about you. i had a audition for a play at a high and after thinking i chose “who says” because just like she said in her song who says it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.i sang with all my heart and i didn’t get in.i still sing everyday and i am happy. Everyday i ask my parents when they will take me to one of justin’s concerts and they say when he’s in the aria. I love you guysss!