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justinbieber Flashback Busking

Justin Bieber flashback

Look at how young he is in this picture! Before he became this Huge, International Superstar! Im sure we’ll all see plenty more pictures, videos etc in the upcoming film NEVER SAY NEVER 3D!!!

Whos excited for NEVER SAY NEVER?

Us Beliebers just cant enough of him! He has a book, 3 Albums, hes been in some pretty popular TV Shows. But whats better than a movie? Especially one thats all about the Biebs himself!

Do you plan on going to go see Never Say Never?

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  • toni

    i will…that’s 4 sure!!!!!!!i love you justin!!!!!!!!!!

  • toni

    i will..that’s 4 sure!

  • johalie fajardo

    omg u r so hot and i think i am a girl who would love to meet u and not act like a psycho path around u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!