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Justin Bieber and Dad asked to go to the Playboy Mansion

Justin Bieber Playboy Mansion

Justin Bieber is set to pay publishing mogul Hugh Hefner a visit at his iconic Playboy Mansion – and he’s taking his father with him.

Magazine entrepreneur Hefner took his fiancee Crystal Harris to see Bieber’s tour documentary Never Say Never on Valentine’s Day – and now the Baby hitmaker has asked Hefner if he can attend the raunchy palatial property and meet the infamous Playboy Bunnies.

And Hefner insists he will be happy to play host to the teen superstar and his father Jeremy.

Speaking to CNN’s Piers Morgan, Hefner reveals, “Today we got news that Justin and his father want to come to the Mansion.”

And it seems Bieber is set to be a popular visitor – Hefner’s fiancee Crystal Harris adds, “I want to meet Justin Bieber. I have Bieber fever. We all do, all the Playmates. We all want to meet him.”


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  • Sarah

    Are you kidding me?! They’re a bunch of cougars! I can just immagine all of them trying to seduce him! *shakes head*

  • Janna

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