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Justin Bieber CSI Feb 17, 2011 Sneak Preview

Justin reprises his role as Jason McCann on CSI tonight at 9PM (8 Central Time) on CTV in Canada and CBS in the USA.

Update: Watch Justin Bieber on CSI Feb 17, 2011 [Full Episode]

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  • u know justin..im so inscured with you..!! you know why?
    your so very talented guy…that’s why i inspire you a lot, and i’ve spend
    more time for you..!! 🙂
    wish you all the best..bye ! 🙂 take care always …

    • haha i love him moreee!!!!

  • i love justin bieber loads! more than ben! ben is cool so thats alot! bieber fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  • i like brad kavanagh but i love jastin bieber bicuas jastin is kut

  • justin bieber

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  • ashly

    justin did u get my letter if u did thank u so much.