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Justin Bieber wants to help dad Jeremy to become a rapper

Justin Bieber has his heart set on turning his father into a chart-topping rapper, according to reports.

Justin’s dad Jeremy, 36, was absent for most of the star’s childhood and has been in and out of jail. Now the U Smile singer is hoping that he can use his connections to help him break into the mainstream with his raps about his hard knock life.

A source told the Daily Star that the heartthrob will do anything to help his father become famous: “He wants to help him sort his life out. Justin is one of the biggest stars in the world with lots of cash and the best contacts in the business. If he can’t make his dad a star then nobody can.”

The source added that Justin believes Usher, who gave him his big break, could help his father become a success. “He’ll appeal to a wide audience. With Usher on board the world is his oyster. And given how popular Justin is around the globe, his dad will surely ride his coat tails and cash in too.”

“Justin credits Jeremy with giving him his musical genes and, despite their long separation, won’t hear a word against his dad,” they continued. “Jeremy has talent and his gritty raps are from his own experiences on the other side of the law.”

As previously reported on MTV, Hugh Hefner revealed this week that the 16-year-old asked for an invitation to visit the Playboy mansion with his dad.


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  • I think thats inapropreat that he wants to go there. this from my prospective cuz he’s a Christian and he should be acting like it. he should lead his dad to Jesus instead of taking him there!

  • Juzgiza

    He`s very shy. He`s very beatiful.

  • hey justin can u come to my house tomorrow please and your mom my address is 306 North C Street luv u and your mim bye justin and his mom.

    • Andrea

      this is not an offical Bieber site, if you want to ask him questions ask him on twitter.

    • Anonymous

      yea sure

  • Cindysturmey

    Hi Justin do u want to be friends with me love cindy merry Christmas u are cute