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Justin Bieber wins Brit Awards 2011 International Breakthrough Act

justinbieber-wins-2011-britawardJustin Bieber may not have gone home with a Grammy on Sunday night, but he did win big at last night’s BRIT Awards! The Biebs took home the Best International Breakthrough Act award, beating out Bruno Mars and the cast of Glee!

Justin’s got another big day ahead of him in Londontown–he’s off to the premiere of Never Say Never right now! JB just tweeted, “In route to the London Premiere! #NeverSayNever3D in the UK! Leggo!!”

And, yes, the rumors are true! Justin is giving free tickets to the movie to lucky fans waiting outside the premiere. “UK fans!!! heads up…rumors are true…the team will be giving out tickets to random fans at the O2 today for the #NSN3D premiere 2nite!” he tweeted.
Way to give back, Biebs!


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