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Justin Bieber’s parents are fighting over his fortune and fame

Justin Bieber At Centre Of Family Feud? Apparently his mum & dad are “at loggerheads” over the Biebster…
Justin Bieber’s parents are allegedly “at war” over the teenagers fame and fortune.

According to The Mirror, JB’s mother Pattie Mallette and his dad Jeremy Bieber are “at loggerheads”, with their feud apparently “tearing” the Baby singer apart.

Pattie, who fell pregnant with Justin aged just 17-years old and is separated from Jeremy, is now said to have reignited her battle with her ex, leaving the Never Say Never star in the middle.

The newspaper claims that the Biebster’s parents are “furious” at being sidelined by Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, mentor Usher and “father-figure” Will Smith, and instead of uniting in their anger, they have reportedly turned against each other.

A family friend told the tabloid: “Pattie is forever sniping that she gave up everything for Justin and she should be the person who makes the decisions,”

“Jeremy, meanwhile, wants to be at the centre of his son’s life. He hates the way other men, especially Usher and Will Smith, are acting as father figures.”

They continued: “Pattie was only 17 when she found out she was pregnant. Jeremy was a year older and a real bad boy. They split up when Justin was a tiny baby, but they’ve been fighting ever since.”

“They both made a big effort for Justin’s sake. But they didn’t always agree with the way the other wanted to bring him up. Jeremy claims Pattie is an overbearing stage mum – Pattie says Jeremy’s only interested in the fame. In fairness, neither is true.”

The source explained: “Pattie tries to be strict, imposing curfews and banning Justin from using his computer after 10.30pm. But he is almost an adult now. Jeremy is the fun-and-games father, letting Justin do what he wants.They recently got matching tattoos and have been on exotic holidays together.”

“To add to their problems, Justin has started acting up. He can be sullen when he doesn’t get his own way and has started to treat minions like dirt – swearing at them or raising his eyebrows in that way that teenagers do.”

Justin is said to be helping his father Jeremy become a rap star, after reports claimed the One Time hitmaker wants his dad to “sort his life out.”


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  • thats justing bieber dad geee he looks sooooooooooooooooo young! i wonder why justing bieber is cute (i hate jb)

    • Amanda

      If you hate him, why are you using your time and energy to read articles and post about him? You are obviously an unhappy person with no life other than sitting around stewing in your own misery and trying to inflict it upon others. You are a sad person.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Amanda if you hate him well why would you be on this site reading about Justin ?

        • thora

          me too

      • cutie

        because you can hate or you can like not ever person likes jb just to let u know that does not mean they are uphappy so get youre facts right

        • princess lisa

          Princess lisa
          i totally agree with ur coment couze i love jb

      • Brittney Russell

        lol…..ikr….he (cute)..but not all that i just like his songs ….an cant believe he cheated..mmmmmmm

        • esethu

          keep dreamming how stupid can girls be SSSSSSSSIIIIIIISSSSSSS

        • princess lisa

          OGM esethu do u know what ur saying his the cutest ever

        • AMANDA


      • me

        Well even if she is that why the hell do you have to sit there and bully her? Fuck off all she is doing is expressing her self. I do not LOVE jb like you mother truckers but he is okay. He is so ugly…

        • Anonymous

          U suck

        • Anonymous

          Haha loZer

        • Belieber

          You probably are shut up and get lost u see hes having a hard time i cant wait haters

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        U should shut your mouth

    • Anonymous


      • ritvik..........

        oh yes we can……….
        he jus gt lucky……….

      • Most celebs haterz

        @Anonymous.Bieber ma ass,he has no damn thang.we self made stars.he go no money like we do and there’s no sense 4 us to envy him.

    • manisha

      u dont have d right 2 say so.


      • JBHater

        Oh really? It’s called AMERICA. BILL OF RIGHTS. FIRST AMENDMENT. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Bill of rights, not privilages. Bill of fucking rights.

        • MollzBieber;)

          FFS!! I am Sick of people being so stuck up about hating Justin! You hate him we get it… now f*ck off instead of whining about that fact that he has a life and you don’t! Thanks bye!

        • Brittney Russell


        • Anonymous

          time place and matter

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    • Anonymous

      if you don’t like jb then why are you reading things about him, no need to be cruel

    • Severus Snape

      His dad must have looked younger that his age when he was a kid!

    • S.Redman

      why the hell or u on this site if u hate him

    • georgia

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  • zoi

    wow really i think that they should let justin do whatn he wants and diside what he wants to do with his fame and fortan

  • Anonymous


  • kat

    he is old enough to decide what he wants but he should be responsable about it and if hes not carefull he could waist everything away and be screwed in the futur. but he shouldnt treat people with any type of dissrespect no matter how much money you have. everyone is equal, treat them how you would want to be treated and dont forget you were them once too and could be again easily

    • terry

      I agree 100%

      • JBHater

        He’s only 17! He’s not even an adult! He’s younger than my cousin! And his mom poses rules for a reason. So STFU and GTFO.

        • Anonymous

          I really agree with you

      • Anonymous

        your face like i agree

  • Noah*

    Justin is a responsible kid if his parents fight he should try and get past those difficult times and stop wasting time and waiting for the fighting to be over.I personally think it is very ironic that the article says both Justin’s parents are fighting for justin but what about his little sister the press-or justins parents- make her seem like nothing…so what if your kid isnt famous or doesnt have money being a parent means you have to love your child no matter what!

  • steve shaw

    frank sinatra, tab hunter shaun cassidy they all go its his time now

  • Anonymous

    justin hi bry

  • @BelieberzQuotez

    This is stupid. Why can’t he do what he wants to with his life? If his dad IS really influencing him, Justin needs to learn what is right and wrong. He’s responsible, but it’s hard for anyone to NOT be influenced. He’s almost an adult and I hope he knows what choices to make then.

  • manar

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    • JBHater

      He probably doesn’t even check this damn site.

      • me

        He is to chicken to see what everyone is saying about him

        • Belieber

          Shut the fuck up your a chiken i bet when ur famious and having a hard time you dont need hate bitch leave our family alone


      That is realy creapy Justin probly wont even call you aneyways so shut up you might like him but he dosent have thime to call people okhate to burst your bubbel but he just isint.

      sincerly anomonus
      p.s I dont realy like you Justin but i think you shoud keep going because you have someone speacal in you life you just have to find her oo another thing your kinda cute!

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  • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to justin bieber is that i just do,nt have any respects to justin bieber any more i do,nt love him any more , love david b conway

  • terry

    I think justin should be able to do what ever he wants. he doesn’t have long til he is that age let him decide what to do he of that age. Give him his space all teens need there space. I wish I could sing like justin. when he is sing looks like he enjoys it. Its alot of work doing what he is doing. I believe in justin just remember don’t say never that song is so very true. I think you be fine justin just keep your mind focusted on what you want. Don’t let thing get in your way. I’m a very shy guy but I think a lot of you. I look back at my self and wish I could sing like you. use your voice to make a living baby. don’t say never keep making those songs. Do want you enjoy

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  • Do not what others are saying, I like you but if you come to Ghana i will follow you to your country and i will put some sense into your parent just give me a chance and i will not fail you please call me please and i beleive Selena Gomez also want your fortune and fame just believe me.

  • I love your songs expecially ”love me” and ”baby” i will love to be a musician and sing with you.

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  • MollzBieber;)

    Haa!! BieberHater I love that you keep checking this site to see what people have commented! You can’t hate him that much if you want to know what he’s doing 24/7!! GET A GRIP!! Ohh And pattie and jeremy… if your going to fight atleast respect your son enough to do it on the down low and not put him on the spot! I mean jeez your making him misserable! LOVEYOUJUSTIN!!<3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • your family is a very nice. But my friend is not like you.your song is very nice.
    I love your familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • I understand what ur going through Justin my mom and dad can’t stand eachother and I don’t see him r lucky at least u get to see him to me I think my dad thinks I’m in visible my dad didn’t even say happy sweet sixteen birthday to me 🙁 and my dads never theyre when I need him but I guess things happen for a reason right at least that’s the way I look at it

  • i <3 u jb

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  • sweet

    We keep hearing all about justins mom raising him on lowpaying jods and low income housing.I dont know if its true but i even heard at one point they had to stay a coupe nights in a shelter. We hear how justins grandparents (true saints) stepped in and helped ther daughter raise him with so much love and care. So where the hell was biebers dad through all this. Was he paying chidsupport or offering any kind of assistance during those struggling years.IF and only if that is true than he has no say so on anything regarding the finances.I dont care how young he was because his mom was younger and gave up everything to raise her son the best she could. And what a spended job she and her parents did.


  • BieberFeverGurl123

    sooooo cuteee and ur family tooo <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bieber4ever12

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  • bieber Hater Uggg... i love him!!!!!!!!!

    yall haters if u dont like Justin Bieber…… Im am tired of it!!!!!!!!!

  • Nev

    Firstly, I’d like to make a comment on all your posts, because some make sense, some don’t. WHAT the hekk are you all on about!? Fine, we hate Justin Bieber, but you don’t hear us telling y’all to f*** off coz you like him. If we hate him, let us embrace our pathetic lives, and be happy in our misery and hatred for Bieber. Screw off, and don’t tell us about how we got no lives. Secondly, this dude is not so bad as to deserve ALL the hatred I could give a person, he just occasionally ticks me off, coz of his love for spotlight of lil 12 year old girls. Like, seriously, this dude is making a bad rep for all other 17 year old guys all over the world! Third, please don’t believe this article you dumb lil girls. It’s got no collateral info, but it’s simply tabloid trying to find something. Bugger off!!

    • belieber

      you fuck of and leave your not welcome we could believe anything we want and dont talk about my justin and my family beliebers atleast we make him happy yo need to make us dummy your worse so i would not be talking what did u want to be retard im only 11 and you got me ticked of ive been here since 3 i believe when i want and where i want u hater u go threw a hard life then tell us all how u feel hes famious now will u make it this far u dum ass he saved most of us bitch

  • hi
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  • adultperspective

    Most all of you on here are kids, because those are the only people who like JB music. So let me fill you in on something, he is a child. 18 is not old enough to make a responsible decision, for anyone. I remember being 18 I thought I knew everything…not even close. Shame on his parents for putting him in the middle but welcome to life, shit happens. Famous or not he is a kid and needs to listen to his mother, shes gotten him this far. If my kid famous or not was acting like a snot nosed little brat I would backhand him. And before you angry little 14 years olds star asking why I’m on here if I’m not a fan, I stumbled upon this while looking for a picture of Justin Bieber to put on my friends FB page as a joke. I don’t personally give a shit what he does as long as he doesn’t make another record.

  • Anonymous

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  • i reckon that his parents sjould leave him alone!
    he is 18 or 19 he is basically an adult.
    he has the right to do wat eva he wants.
    go to bed when he wants, be on the computer when he wants.
    and well jeremy wasn’t there for when he grew up so he doesn’t have the right to be angry at the fact that usher and will smith was his “father-figure”.
    when he needed a father figure he had usher and will smith.
    ya need to stop treating him like he still a young boy!!!
    coz he aint he is an adult now !!!!!! 🙂

  • kaila

    hihi jb i love u so much

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  • syd ;)

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    helloo people if u hateee justin bieber y u wasting ur timeee commenting wen u can do betta thing s soo all of u that hateeee JUSTIN BIEBER stop commenting and do omething bettta

    P.S i love u justin bieber

    • ;)

      omething?? whats that??

    • ;)

      omething? whats an omething?? thats a rude word..

  • darling223

    Dont be a hater!

  • shut up syd and jennifer

    tell it like it is bitch .

    • ;)

      who u calling a bitch??….and who is ‘shut up syd and jennifer’?? i for one love syd and jennifer!!!! so how bout you shut up bitch!!

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  • You don't need to know my name.

    I love Justin. Hes adorable. But after reading this article, I can honestly say that fame molded him into someone that you wouldn’t want your son/daughter to hang out with. Im not saying he’s the only star going through stuff like this. I mean theres Demi Lovato, Lindsey Lohan, and Miley Cyrus. He doesn’t seem to respect his friends, family, and staff members. I he does not have a great attitude torward press. No one does. But, theres alot of stuff that comes with fame and fortune. It’s not just a perfect life. All that Im saying is that he needs to get it together.

  • sanayah

    i love you justin bieber and my friend said thats my uncle that true

  • wish

    i like justin bieber he is realy responssible boy, he knows his father lifr his mum when he was lilt kids, nd he knows life is not stright alwasy going up nd down, he knows one hand never make sound unless to put u r hand togheter then it make sound, he knows some time happening like happen to his famliy. What ever justin bieber is just bieber his name is enough.
    i have good voice but i dont have chance y? because im from poor family, thats y i have to work nd help nd im happy maybe next time when i came in the world maybe i have chance to be super star. now i have one chance to get married nd make baby nd then make my baby super star its my wish nd im sure i do…..yes yes yes

  • fuzzy

    hay i don’t love him but hay his songs are ok

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    i <3 u JUSTIN DREW BIEBER and i love all ur songs and ur cute/hot and i am a huge fan of ur's… love u j.d.b



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    People fighting over lots of money…who would`ve thought it!!

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  • Mrs. Bieber

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  • Ashley Myrah


  • Ashley Myrah

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  • anastasia

    ohhhhhhhhhh girl……….
    can I tell you somehtink????
    i really agree with caterina ……and you now why???
    Because at first I was in love with justin and i was telling that hi is so cute and sexi but then i realysed that his is a fake person and iwonder why you girls are doing this ??? why ????why you are makeing a stupid little 18 years old child sooooooo but soooooooooooooo rich??????
    worshiping and listening to his music and going at his conserts you only serve to make him rich …. why you do this??
    why you wanna make rich that person???
    whilst out there exist some kid that the are starving
    and you are makeing rich a person that is expoloits you
    im so sorry that im telling you that girls but you are so silly…….im really sorry
    that im telling that really

    • anastasia

      by anastasia 17 years old from Athens Greece
      love and peace<3

  • Tanya Bieber

    if you hate JB f*ck you and go to hel

  • jc

    I really could care less what Justin Bieber does. He will fade soon enough. He just isn’t that good. He is okay for tweens until they realize it’s really hideous music as far as talent. I am amazed at the horrible spelling and punctuation on this site. This tells me that very young girls like him. I say they should go for it and enjoy this time in their lives. I never got into pop music but many did. Have fun beliebers you are doing no harm and one day you will look back at this time of your life and smile.

  • TLT

    I love u Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justins dad left them when he was a baby and now he’s famous he’s crawling back trying to get back into Justins life. His mum should be making the decisions cause she worked hard and she raised Justin by herself. Its sad because he is acting up and he needs to STOP or hell loose his beliebers because he acting like he too good for every1. Justin needs to calm down and don’t get pissed off easily.

  • JAG

    Continues his slide to oblivion. Surrounded by punks this once talented singer is just becoming like his crew…..hate to see it and hope he can recover

  • farahanim

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