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Justin Bieber’s parents are fighting over his fortune and fame

Justin Bieber At Centre Of Family Feud? Apparently his mum & dad are “at loggerheads” over the Biebster…
Justin Bieber’s parents are allegedly “at war” over the teenagers fame and fortune.

According to The Mirror, JB’s mother Pattie Mallette and his dad Jeremy Bieber are “at loggerheads”, with their feud apparently “tearing” the Baby singer apart.

Pattie, who fell pregnant with Justin aged just 17-years old and is separated from Jeremy, is now said to have reignited her battle with her ex, leaving the Never Say Never star in the middle.

The newspaper claims that the Biebster’s parents are “furious” at being sidelined by Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, mentor Usher and “father-figure” Will Smith, and instead of uniting in their anger, they have reportedly turned against each other.

A family friend told the tabloid: “Pattie is forever sniping that she gave up everything for Justin and she should be the person who makes the decisions,”

“Jeremy, meanwhile, wants to be at the centre of his son’s life. He hates the way other men, especially Usher and Will Smith, are acting as father figures.”

They continued: “Pattie was only 17 when she found out she was pregnant. Jeremy was a year older and a real bad boy. They split up when Justin was a tiny baby, but they’ve been fighting ever since.”

“They both made a big effort for Justin’s sake. But they didn’t always agree with the way the other wanted to bring him up. Jeremy claims Pattie is an overbearing stage mum – Pattie says Jeremy’s only interested in the fame. In fairness, neither is true.”

The source explained: “Pattie tries to be strict, imposing curfews and banning Justin from using his computer after 10.30pm. But he is almost an adult now. Jeremy is the fun-and-games father, letting Justin do what he wants.They recently got matching tattoos and have been on exotic holidays together.”

“To add to their problems, Justin has started acting up. He can be sullen when he doesn’t get his own way and has started to treat minions like dirt – swearing at them or raising his eyebrows in that way that teenagers do.”

Justin is said to be helping his father Jeremy become a rap star, after reports claimed the One Time hitmaker wants his dad to “sort his life out.”


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