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Pictures of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Wow Justin and Selena are so in love.

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    wow jb is cutie pie!!!!!! love you justin and its okey if you go out with selena no matter what i will stil be your fan! XD!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Justin Selena is the fucking bomb

    • raquel

      i love you.i live in mihgin.can you taik with me in the computer please.

      • hi im justin bieber you can call me on 937 626 5722 you can call me love you i hate selena i love you! 🙂 call me!

  • abbie wright

    hiii.. i dnt real like the fotot with justin bieber on her boob i think that a bit to far cause there 6 years old even young justin bieber fans n he showing him the rong thing i love justin n selena soo much cause there real gurd couple but it think it a bit to far xx :/ 🙂

    • honey

      im jelouse that focking bitch bastard seleena omez is hanging out and havin sex and kising with my bf justin beiber i wanna have sex with justin beiber and kiss him and do eveything everyone pray she dies !!

      • Anonymous

        you bazzar jelous freak

  • Beiber J.

    THANK GOD he finally as a girlfriend giggle giggle. Now he can stop writing songs about relationships. (just kidding You are awesome JB :)>3


      omfg iM DUMM IS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mary

        seriously are you even the real Justin Bieber or someone just pretending to be him because i find that pathetic

  • Clair

    justin bieber is too good for selena gomez! shes too ugly! he can do so much better!! and is he rubbing his face in her tits?! :O <3<3

    • Anonymous

      came on selena and justin are porfect 2gethere nice choice justin

    • yamilette

      selena is a dum ass i dont think they mke a cute couple shes slut

  • angel marie smith

    justin bieber and selena gomez is ok but she can do better then that well that is what i really think of it so what do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

    • Mary

      i heard that Snoop Dogg son is 18 a model and he fancies Selena!!!

  • Janell Garrett

    i think that justin beiber and selena gomez are perfect for each other….i mean just luk at them….their smileing together selena has a beautiful big smile on her face nd justin do to….ive never seen any one happier…..!)) ……

  • hi jb u r really so awesome n cute lke teddy
    plz i want 2 meet u
    i lop u
    u r so hancy n charming
    plz i request u 2 leave seleena cause she is not ur type
    i m ur type

    • Mary

      that’s just 2 pervy…
      him n selena looks great together

  • Gosh talk about fame whore!! Like really WTF. Trying to show of?! I HATE Justin Bieber now! Gosh can’t believe I fell for that fricken douche. I would punch her./: gosh! I’m pissed off!

    • Jb its ur at lucian SIS again don’t u think that ur head is a bit to low in her u know. And selena enjoyin it u hav extremely young fans on dis site like me I’m 13 Luv u anyway by the way I Luv nver say nver

  • pangit mo ustin mukha kang puet

  • so it is true you are cheeting on me JB

    • Anonymous

      I think Justin was the one who got fucked or they scissored

      • Anonymous

        8′[]…. HHHAAAAAA!!!!!

  • YOU SIRIOUSLY WHERE ON HER BOOB ……………………………………………………………. IMUERTURE

    • justin bieber

      yes i was you got a problem with that you better not show up to my concert and you better mind your bisness

      • hiii justin i m a fan of u and selena frm india
        plz give me any reply becoz i can chat with u via this site and you and i wise for u always for your sec.

    • justin bieber

      yes i was you got a problem with that


  • Anonymous


    • Mary

      do u need to put that in here!!! just curious???

  • hey justin u r so cute and you and selena like a cuple of bird so cute and lovely. so sweet cuple

  • Mary

    i think that they do make a good couple….the pics are adorable and they’re just flirting around like normal teens tend to do. i think that they’re the hottest teen couple in hollywood to date n also Leonado DiCaprio and Blake Lively… i luv them 🙂

  • hiiii justin whts up hwz u and selena you both r a gud pop stars my fav. pop stars.

  • raquel

    can i please please taik with you in the computer . like vidocall.ok…

  • raquel

    come on please….

  • Selena does not love you she love’s your money. But seens she is pretty enough to fool you it’s up to you handsome.

  • Yo justin im a cool gye I feel.like I know u I dont I fell like we can clik to be friends im puerto rican if u ever want a friend im here budy im 17 like u I wish u could get this message but is impossible.peace men this my number 908.937.7695 . If u ever get it

  • Selena gomez kiss your boy friend!!!
    I don’t like selena gomez and you!!!!!!

  • jessica

    I really dont think she is
    the right girl for you and
    I hate it when u kiss her

  • jessica

    and she is so ugly