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OMG! Justin Bieber caught kissing Selena Gomez at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party!!

justinbieber kissing selenagomez vanityfair oscars 2011

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  • Lauren

    Whats so wrong? He’s happy that’s a good thing πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      i know they are so cute together

    • yeah it is a good thing

    • luz

      every thing is wrong hes 17 shes 20 she can get in troble she can go to jail

      • Anonymous

        only if they have sex and he goes to the cops! DUHHH!

      • Kate

        hes 17 shes 19 hes turning 18 in march shes turning 20 in july. theres nothing wrong with that.

      • me

        shes 19 and what the heck they can do whatever the would like to do go suck your dick

    • maria


  • Olivia, his biggest fan

    I do love him and Selena stole my hubbie, :@, but atleast he is happy, that is all that matters. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN.. XXXXXXXXXX πŸ™‚

    • i know i agreee

      • jessica

        i hate justin but love sel she’s so sweet i love her but she has better taste

        • Selena Marie Gomez

          Please do hate Justin he didnt do anything to u an thanks for support me thoo

  • el love de justin bieber

    • aww thats so cute im glad they r happy 2gether.

  • anna

    aww such a cute couple

  • ayu

    i can see that…..i don’t like it….

    • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

      same here ayu

    • jeff

      i hate them being together
      b4 i used to like selena gomez for her promising ring and all relligious stufff…….but after the kisssing stuffs cumin up…..i hate her more thn i ever liked her…….and yuh beiber …sumday ur goin to b slayed by me for sure….

      • Anonymous

        u cool yur self

      • Thomas

        i know i hate that bitch

        • Anonymous

          but why?

        • Selena Marie Gomez

          I ant a dog

      • JessYall

        . . . uh . . . is it really nesassary to slay him? i know she took of her promise ring but when was it agenst the law to kiss? and just beacuse she took of her promise ring dosent mean she aint relligious no more.

      • taylor

        did u see the way he kissed her and then turned away she lent in foor a nother then knew she werent getting nothing to she looked away ahahah

    • luz

      thank u

  • what a fuck is wrong with that they r just fuking kissing each other give it a minute haters bitches assholes

  • anonymous

    yes it is very cute people may not agree with me but this what i think their kind of like romeo and juliet some each others’ fans dont want them to be together and they hide (i know there in public now) but anyways they try their best to spend time together<3

  • annabelle

    aaawwwwww i think that is ssooooooo cute <3 the way he takes her hand πŸ™‚ they look ssoooo happy together πŸ™‚ apparently all hes been doing on he my world tour is calling her :')

  • Belieber

    AWWEE ! they are so cuuute together ! Common guys.. as long as Justin is happy IM HAPPY ! πŸ™‚ <3

  • Marlivia

    As long as ur in it 4 the right reasons n the most important thing is that ur happy.

  • i love you justin bieber . i what ask you justin bieber why you not go to mukah and sibu .

  • Angelina Bieber

    awh (: you can tell she thought it was going to be a long kiss , that’s why she kinda leaned in more after the kiss πŸ˜€ she was like uhmmm . . . trying to play it off by turning her head πŸ˜› but that’s cuteeee <3

  • Jamiee

    I luv how jb is staring at the camera!! Such a cute couple!!!

  • cherry

    i m not sure but if justin happy , i always happy to him

  • chantelle


    ^^ haha I don’t I think their very cute together πŸ™‚ and all y’all ‘fans’ that are saying they hate her and are gunna kill her get a fucking life and leave Justin to live his he doesn’t live to please you!!!

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      Hate me all h what it didn’t do anything to me but it does hurt but he don’t do anything to miss up my and Justin live sorry that the honest truth

      Love śèłèñà gΓ΄mΓ¨ΕΎ

  • wannabemrsbieber

    WOW is it just me or does JBiebs look a little embarrased by kissing her in public..u kno wen guys dnt kiss u in public it means they dont want people to see you out 2gethr…yet they went to the oscar party with each other…they r prob a happy couple but the way he carried that out was pitiful he shud b glad to be with someone as pretty as selena..and want 2 kiss her 24/7.. hahaha I GOTS JOKES!!! even as i type this im laughing hysteriacally no one beleives this go jelena stuff rite??!!

  • OMFG i really HATE selena !!! all you guys who think theyre cute must be blind as a F!UCKING bat !!!! :/ URGGHHHHH i mean justin is cute but that hoe selena ISNT. im not just mad because shes going out with justin..im mad because i already didnt like her !! and now i just want to stab her in her back. because thats what she did to ALL us fans !!! why cant he go out with somebody whos PRETTY !?!?! anyways im pissed…….

    • Tamara Bieber

      im pissed off to i hate Selena now and plus she is changing him he needs to stop hanging around her stupid ass

      • Selena Marie Gomez

        I’m not changing him!

    • CL

      Such a stereo typical JB fan…Personally I hate both of them to begin with, so I am just going to judge them as regular human beings…But just know that it is his life, not yours. And how dare you say some is not “pretty”, Who are you to judge what is pretty and what isn’t. As you can see, most of the people above have posted that they look nice, so if anything, 10 pairs of eyes are better than 1 pair. Remember, he didn’t pick you to begin with, and if he met you he would just think of you as a regular fan… At least he’s picking the best that Disney has to offer (even though it’s not much xp), and HE kissed her, she just responded…You do know that making a threat (even online) can give Selena or Justin the right to file charges for threatening her and his “lover”…At least he’s happy.

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      I’m not lessening to y’all do y’all understand that ????

  • ImAsian

    You all have no ear for music, first of all.
    Now, back on subject.
    Selena’s okay. Justin sucks ass. I think the pairing is kind of cute. But…
    Yeah, all if you who want to marry Justin will probably never get within two feet if him.

    • Anonymous

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  • trixie akesha jade

    OMG!! WTF! dislike, dislike.!! bwhahaha.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  • trixie akesha jade


    • He’s heart went knock knock did u really want 2 kiss her bieber u look sort of confused St lucian SIS

  • Jb 1 gey

    Justin bieber is a bitch and gey

    • hahahahahahaha wow

  • dayra

    esto es aburrido y feo

  • tajah


  • they aren’t a good example for teens.

    • Anonymous

      yes they are they teach teens that they should be with the one they love no matter what people think of them

  • Hey yo justin! get a room and fck her all day long

  • erica123

    justin and selena are the cutest couple that i have seen in hollywood in 4-eva
    and i hope they’re happy 2gether. they are just really good 4 each other. if there was one other girl out there 4 him it would be me but im glad that they are 2gether becuase i know that i will never be able to meet him and get to know him and start to like him but on the other hand i happy 4 them!<3
    love always,

  • alexis(:

    i love both of them as actors ans singers but it seems like they are doing all that just for fame they both always look at the cameras before after and durrring kissing!. and there are pics of them kissing in the privacy of their parents homes so thats gotta be for fame..juss sayinn


  • they such a cuute couple ^____^
    I dont mind them going out it is they life I have better stuff to do and I dont think they care about whaT YOU guys think they have fame and money so…..
    Wish them the best <3

  • selena is from 1992 and justin from 1994 so i think they is not that big age difference πŸ™‚ anyway nice couple ^______^

    • Anonymous

      wsarfdr rfdrvrfdrafdrvrdfr rfdrvrfdrxyrfdr rfdr


  • hey selena just leave justin he sucks you shoulkd date somebody way more better

    • you know what let them be together its not ur choice u sqquinted eyed whore so next time u say somethin think before u say ther together already an u cant do squat about it!!!!!!!!!!! >:(


  • fuck you justin biber get a fucken life selena you should be with a cuter man p.s live selena alown suck balls justin biber ugly ass bitch you dont even sing good.

  • fuck you justin biber get a fucken life selena you should be with a cuter man p.s live selena alown suck balls justin biber ugly ass bitch you dont even sing good.

    • Anonymous


  • i think your the one that is stupid your the 1 runing your fucken little mouth you little bich so next time think before you write you littleheo

  • all those stupid little hoes better get off their fuken bak an leave them alone because u know wat he cant be single all the time he has to find his true love an get married dnt blame selena let them be in peace πŸ™‚

  • beliebaaah

    i’m sorry but am i the only one who think their kisses always look fake? Don’t get me wrong,cuse i have nothing against them as a couple,it just doesn’t seem like a REAL kiss to me if they never kiss with their eyes closed :s also i don’t like selena that much cause it seems she only goes out with guys who have allot of fans (nick jonas,taylor lautner,and now justin ….)

  • Regina George


  • steph


  • Brooklyn

    HAHAHAHAHA im the 69th person to comment

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  • Karson

    who carse goust let him be wiy do you have to in bares him you are so mean wiy do you do that you are in barseing him he wontse to be a lone ok justen wontse to be alone justen bebber is a movie star and you nede to do whathe sase

  • natallie

    well i think they go well but i wish i was her