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Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette attempted suicide

At seventeen, Justin Bieber lives a life that most people dream about but never achieve. Yet behind his success and present happiness lies a dark secret from his far distant past. That secret is comprised of events that happened before the teen dream was even born, and if the most dramatic and potentially tragic of those events had actually come to pass, then his current phenomenal success would never have happened. In fact, he would never have been born.

According to The National Enquirer, Justin Bieber’s mother once lived an existence that was the diametric opposite of her now perfect life. In fact, Pattie Mallette’s circumstances were so dire and her life so seemingly hopeless that she actually once attempted suicide.

As a child, Mallette was sexually abused on a regular basis between the ages of 5 and 10. She never told anyone about the abuse. Instead she began to numb her pain with alcohol and drugs. At the age of 15, she ran away from home and took up with a group of older men.

“I just lived a life of sin, drugs and alcohol constantly and parties constantly and not going to school and stealing,” she confessed in an interview on Canadian television. “I was pretty much high or drunk from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed.” Finally, unable to bear her sordid existence, she tried to commit suicide by running in front of a car in the middle of busy traffic.

“I was depressed and angry and just snapped one day,” she mused. “I said, ‘I want to die,’ and I wanted to find the quickest way possible.”

Fortunately, the driver was able to swerve to avoid her. And just a year later, she became pregnant with the baby boy who would grow up to become a legend.


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  • Belieber1500

    Awwwwww!!!! That is so sad!!! And were learning about suicide in health class too! 🙁

  • kjetjbhetjk

    yo thats real sad. ._. not a thing to kid about

  • hi


  • Anonymous

    did his mom commit suicide and go through with it? im confused

    • Anonymous

      she tried to by running in front of a car. but the car swerved out of the way from her so she didn’t get hit, fortunately.

  • sorry thnk god for the car swerving or yhu wld not be hear or yhu jst wld hve sme prblms luv yhu….

  • Anonymous

    what kinda mess is that!!! ps is really sad

  • belieber1406

    that was soo sad. well look at her life now she has u justin and shes doing great but that was really sad i almost cried.

  • Madison Moyar

    Awwww!!!!! Justin im so sorry ): I hope your alright!

  • Allie

    Thats bull crap. Thats not even true.

    • Anonymous

      why would they lie about that… of course its true

  • amber brown

    that’s so sad. i’m glad his mom didn’t die because if she did he wouldn’t be born and i wouldn’t be able to obsess about him. i have 40 pics of him, hoping to get 100+.
    I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love him.

    • belb

      i hav 430… 🙂

  • justin this so sad and i think your mom is so cool and she raised a very talented,handsome,loveable,sweet,amazing,polite,cool son

  • Bob


  • UmightKnow

    justin’s life wasn’t so easy
    Now its better, but his life stills difficult :/ (im pretty sure that his mom is very proud)
    my english is crappy so sorry 4 any mistake !!!
    Hablo español asi que……….

  • Roma

    hi just the one i lke about u is u care abouut ur family .i was goin to tel u sumthink but it dosent matter cuz i know u wont read it

  • Im So Sad When It Started And I start To Smile To The Part When Mrs.Pattie Was Saved And Justin Was Born ! . [:

  • Firekat

    Thank God that driver swerved around her, or else she would’ve died and Justin Bieber would have not been born and the world would be boring with no talent music…

  • kiara sotomayor

    omg why would u wana kill ur self if u did that there would be no good music in this world and pluse ur an awesome mom and ur son justin has talent i love himmm !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmin.Bramman

    you know what all you guys are caring about is justin what about his mum hu?

  • kennedy

    Way to be strong Pattie!!!! That’s y Justin is so strong 2! He learned well from his mother, and hopefully he will keep learning!!! Ur amazing Pattie, and Justin is 2!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • aydin goknil

    wait, so justin beiber WAS a mistake xD





  • Lucy love Biebs

    OMG that driver is an actual legend for swerving and not hitting JB’s mum! Thank god he did otherwise I wouldn’t have my Just to obsess over!!!!!<3

  • That’s so sad 🙁 .. but it’s so bad to do this. each door has its own key. everything will be all right. seriously, attempting suicide is totally useless. but thank God the driver swerved ! 😀

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Awww thats so sad :O but thank God the driver swerved and didntt hit her ;o …


  • Naomi

    PROOF that there IS a GOD. God is Good! <3 🙂

  • if she died we wouldn’t be smiling right now. justin would havent been born . oh tnx GOD

  • I love real music

    Damn, if only that car had hit her.