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Katy Perry gets booed for covering a Justin Bieber song

The singer, who is currently in the UK with her California Dreams world tour, was shocked by her fans reaction after she said she was going to perform one of Bieber’s songs.

Perry was booed and jeered by the sell-out crowd at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on Friday (March 18), reports The Mirror.

”Justin is mine and Russell’s adopted son. We love him dearly. Don’t boo him, guys. Come on,” Perry told the crowd.


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  • Belieber1500

    Awwwww!!! Really??? Thats janked!!!!! WTH man!!!!

  • aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa thats what she gets for trying to pull off a song of the great Bieber!!!

  • jazmyn

    ya i agree with you aleah!!!!!!!!! p.s. im not justin bieber’s sister i just have the same name.