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Justin & Jaden’s message before Birmingham UK concert

Justin and Jaden messing before the first show in Birmingham.

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  • JUSTIN BIEBER – I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE U !!!!! IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN – RING ME ON 07804794186 OR 01952405743

  • look i am 1 of ur biggest fans but i also like jaden hope u can come to this place called the isle of wight next 2 portsmoth lol please come and play i will do anything 😀 x i am an altomte fan of jaden smith as well also add me on twitter Lilly prada Reed

  • valdimira fernandes

    I love the song never say never that is a good movie justin .
    It good to make a song with jaden he is so hot and beautifull

  • valdimira fernandes

    I love you 🙂