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Rude fans cut off Justin Bieber’s hair

Justin Bieber interacts with, cares for, and courts the favor of his fans more than any other superstar in the world–even Lady Gaga. But the teen dream’s fan friendly attitude may change after a bizarre incident that not only upset the Biebs, but scared him almost speechless.

Justin Bieber encountered a couple of true beliebers lurking–er–hanging around the exit of an L.A. recording studio. Ordinarily the Biebs’ burly bodyguard would have chased them away but since there were only 2 of them, the teen dream smiled at them and allowed them to close in on him for an autograph or a pic. After all, two cute little teenage girls wouldn’t harm him. They couldn’t. Right?

Ugh…no, wrong actually. Justin hugged one girl, then turned around to hug her friend. That’s when he felt the “slight tug on the back of his head.”

“Hey…what the hell?” he yelled whirling around to face the girl behind him. To his horror, she was holding a lock of his hair that she’d just snipped off with a small pair of cuticle scissors.

“I got it!” She screamed to her friend; and the two ran away giggling and squealing triumphantly.

“You see?” yelled the Biebs. “…I try to be nice, but these girls are crazy!” And who can blame him for yelling this time? The girls didn’t even have the decency to say thank you.

The moral of this story is: Don’t turn your back on a Justin Bieber fan if you happen to be Justin Bieber.

The question of this story is: How long before that lock of Bieber hair turns up on e-Bay?


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  • hailie

    do you have a source for this…….?

    • admin


  • Belieber1500

    What bitches!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, it would be amazing to get a piece of JB’s hair but SERIOUSLY!!!!!! That’s just plain out RUDE! How would you feel if someone cut YOUR hair because they were madly in love! I sure as hell know I would be pissed!

    • nobody

      i hate justin beiber

      • Renee

        i wouldnt say that he can read that he is the hottiest guy i have ever meet well i havent meet him LOL i would love to <3 to justin <3 love hearts <3

      • Anonymous

        you cant even spell bieber

  • Sarah

    That’s so rude. I’m tired of people saying that he’s changed. His fans and the paparazzi has been crazy lately. I’m not blaming him for getting a little pissed of

  • Sascha

    i dont believe this text, but the picture is really super cute


    man, that is rude how they cut his hair.

  • Sydney

    That is just plain STUPID why would you do that? he tries to be nice but you cut his hair thats gay

  • LeighAnna Jones

    Its a lie, he got it cut on purpose.
    Anyways the paparazzi does need to lay off.

  • Anonymous

    Is This true or fake let me know as soon as possible?

  • Ashley

    wow fans like those REALLY make me mad. idk if this ture just reading it pisses me off some ppl are so retarded some times. ppl need to just calm down.

  • Marissa

    Well it is not true as it seems to be! go google it~

  • Alexis(:

    What Bitchess.. Why would you ever do that, yeah his hair is nice but cutting it thats just horrible. I would never everrr do that. Thats rude. I want to go beat up those girls thats just rudee.

  • i would kill those fans

  • cristiana

    your hair is so cool i have no idea why your fans say that.

  • cynthia


  • Lalall

    I love the new hair cut of jb. This makes it look mature. HAHA :*

  • Jb ,I really <3 u ! Well I don't know if it's true but I really like ure new haircut ! U look ciute with short,long,dark,light or any kind of hair !
    Ps : my name is Gabriella JB ,and I'm SINGLE !
    Justin beiber I love u and really wanna meet u someday !

  • Heeeey it’s me again ( ;
    And heeeeeeeeeey who ever cut JB ‘s hair is a bitch !
    And If I were with u Justin ,I’ll really bite her !!
    How could u just let her goo !
    I feel soooow sorry for u JB !