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justinbieber willowsmith prank

Willow gets pranked by Justin, Jaden, Ryan, and Scooter

Willow on Twitter:

My big brother’s Justin and Jaden pranked me on stage tonight…#payback!!! http://fb.me/xMKdIJE2

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  • BrittsFan

    haha i love Justin with the cowbell

    more cowbell please 😉
    haha i love that video.
    Jaden’s hair is so puffy!

  • lol wow that video is funny and jadens hair wow looks like a poodle not to be mean

  • Anonymous

    that was hilarious!!!

  • how did selena gomez get punched by a justin bieber fan thats so rod like selena gomez is really pretty when she puts make-up on .from batoul

  • i think justin bieber is really cute.and sexy i feel bad because he is dating selena gomez like his really hot and i wish that he was my boyfriend from trinity

  • omg lol this vidoe is funny + nice hair jaden