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About Jelena’s time in Malaysia

Hotxpress has an insider’s scoop of what happened behind the scenes when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were in town. We had an exclusive chat with Susan Tan of JS Concerts, promoter of Justin Bieber’s My World Tour Malaysia, as she was with Justin and Selena while they were here. She shared: “Justin and Selena were inseparable throughout their stay here and they were such a beautiful and loving couple.”

Susan added: “Justin is absolutely stunning when you have a personal encounter. He looks better than any of the pictures you’ve seen. Selena is pretty and very sweet in person. They were cuddling, hugging, holding hands and, very apparently, totally in love. Justin’s mom was around too, most of the time, and you can see that she is completely supportive of the relationship.”  

Did #biebergetnasilemak? That is the big question isn’t it? Well, this is what we found out…

According to Susan, Justin and Selena hardly stepped out of the presidential suite in KL Hilton. So, obviously there was a lot of room serviced meals. The duo ordered nasi goreng, satay and —wait for it—Yes! Nasi lemak too. Local fruits and guava juice were also in the mix. We’re assuming no durian is allowed on hotel premises, so you know what that means for those who were rooting for #DurianForBieber.

Susan mentioned: “Scooter Braun and his girlfriend and had a great time in Malaysia. They went out sightseeing in KL and were really impressed. He even expressed an interest to vacation in Langkawi with his girlfriend after the tour ends. Justin and Selena also hit the hot spots and were really excited when they saw the Petronas Twin Towers and snapped loads of photos.”

A few bonus observations: 1. Justin and his mom are like best buds, he was calling on her all the time when he was with Selena. 2. The 17-year-old was extremely active and energetic; he is not the quiet type that will sit still. 3. He is good with kids as you can see in the pictures. 4. While in the hotel suite, JB and SG were watching clips on their laptop together. Awww, how sweet.


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  • viki

    IM soo jealouse of selly shes soo lucky but i still think shes just using him !! :?:(

    • The Voice of Reason

      I’m a dude and this shit pisses me off too. Word can’t describe the rage I”m feeling right now. She’s too good for him. Selena should date me, then Justin can date one of you and then everyone’s happy. Done

      • dia sellyhater

        who do u think u are????!!!!!!!

    • i knoe right can he let him rest like all the pics she has to be their ….

  • Anonymous

    i think you should change the title to Selena.. instead of Jelena…

    • paigeyyy


    • Mrs. Bieber(;

      Bahaha I totally agree(:

  • Paigeyyy

    i hate her. i hate her. she is ugly and doesnt have an ounce of talent. shes using him and id wish he’d just see that. …i think i just puked, yeah i did.

    • xKathi123

      OMG get over it they love each other.
      It’s his life, he can do whatever he wants to.

    • Jasmine

      You be quiet paigeyyy girl. You’re ugly and I bet YOU don’t have any talent at all! I hate YOU, Paigeyyy.

      Selena Gomez Is SUPER NICE AND SWEET, unlike YOU! Paigeyyy, your just jealous. And get over it because justin and selena love each other.

      • Jennah

        Leave Paigeyyyyyy alone bitch ……..selena is using him when someone more popular comes along she will go to them watch.. when the Jonas brothers were popular and all the girls loved them she dated nick …when twilight was popular and the girls loved tht she dated Taylor Lautner ..and now Justin Bieber Is Popular and all the girls love him she dates wow How ironic ! *cough* whore *cough* she doesnt love ,just like she didnt love nick or taylor …ok so fuck u and slutlena ..selena love go kiss her ass …kbye enjoy ur life and jasmine fuck u same to u

      • Anonymous

        justin hey selena gomez

        • Anonymous

          omg fans big 0ne one less lonely girl

    • dia from Finland :D

      agree.. she’s only dating with the popular people.. to get more popularity >.<

  • The pictures are adorable! but i cant really say that im mad about jelena because that wont make them break up, but im sick of coming on these type of websites and reading about them. I want to hear about them but its bothering me. Justin always said that hes just dating girls finding out who he is. It seems like they are not just ‘dating’. It feels like their taking things really seriously, like how he bought her all the flowers in a flower shop! I understand if their in love but ughhh haha! i just miss the old justin! He was cute and flirty with his fans because he wasnt in a serious relationship. and hes not even that old! hes 17! he should still be dating around not being tied down. When he was with jasmine it didnt bother me cause i knew he wasnt focusing everything on her but i dont know. Maybe this is jealousy talking but who knows! i still love JB though<3

    • Sasha

      I feel the exact same way. Lol. 🙂

    • emma

      I TOTALLY agree with you. i don’t think it is just jealousy talking, i miss the old flirty cute justin aswell! they’re very serious with eachother, and justin’s distracted by missing her now. i am not saying this because i hate selena because i am a jelena supporter. i am only missing the old justin :'(

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree i do miss the old cute funny flirty justin.
      but will always love him for who he is!

      i dont kno what to think of them two but i guess who can stop them.

  • Jane

    You all need to calm down…He is happy and that is all that matters.. She is not ugly she is beautiful. You are just jealous! They are the cutest couple ever and let them be happy…and be happy for them…

    • Anonymous

      i couldnt agree more!!

  • Sarah

    Justin looks tall! but anyways if he’s happy with selena then let him be. stop with this shit about it’s just for publicity blah,bla, blah…

  • LookAndLearn;)

    First of all, no selena does not have any talent what so ever. Come on, have you even heard that voice?? Its discusts me, and her songs suck. But the point is, Dont waist all of your energy worring about them. if he’s happy, he’s happy. Plus look at the facts. Havent yall that girls mature earlier than guys?? And selena is 2 years older. Justin has a lot of growing up to do. In a matter of time, She is going to break his little heart for someone who is older and more grown up than him. They will probably last for another moth. I actually worried about him. She’s going to dump him for someone who is waaayyy older. And plus, your not going to find the one at first. You are going to go through many boyfriends and girlfriends before you find that special someone. Selena is not the one for him. So just sit back and let this blow over. And God bless Justin Bieber when she breaks his heart:)

    • Jane

      your crazy i know lots of people that waited till they found the right guy or girl to come along and now they are married to their first boyfriend or girlfriend i am not the one to say if this is going to last forever but don’t speak so much negative talk about them…

  • Mrs. Bieber(;

    i’m glad he’s happy but she’s obviouslyy not the one for him.It won’t last long.And this will be the outcome of her life when/if she breaks his heart (it’s a nice little poesm haha):
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    The day you break Justin’s heart Selena,
    I swear i’ll kill you. Bahahaha this poem doesn’t lie(:

    • Mrs. Bieber(;

      ***Its a nice little POEM

    • ElaineBieber :)

      just a very nice poem 🙂

    • Jeslyn

      I love your poem but we should’nt waste our energy
      on them their in a serious realtionship ugh .
      When they finally confirmed their realtionship I
      went to one of his concerts Meet and greet
      i’ve meet him before like in september! He was funny sweet
      and a big flirt but then i meet him Again in april and he was totally
      different! He was still funny & sweet he just was’nt flirtyy :[ i guess
      he was to busy missing her i mean yeah shes pretty but also not the prettiest and he should’nt be tied down yeah he should treat her right but most guys his age always meet another girl but it won’t last long hes a teen shes an adlut! He knows the difference and i trust him and hes my idol !

  • Kaley

    Selena looks like the mom of those two girls. She is a self-absorbed singer who wants fame and fortune thru another self-absorbed singer (Justin). They should both break up and call it a day. I agree with Paige, she is ugly both inside and out.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously are blind.. selena is gorgous whether she is dating bieber or not. You guys would say any girl he dates is ugly and a bitch. sooo grow up and dont say stuff about someone when you dont even know them. Just be happy life is much easier when you dont worry about the small stuff..

  • Anonymous

    this article gave me a whole different perspective on their relationship! they seem like they are having fun together and it seems so genuine! They look so cute! idk why but this really changed my mind about the whole relationship. I mean i dont love selena cause i find her a tad bit annoying but i like the relationship. GOO JELENA! (i never thought i would ever be saying that)

  • ElaineBieber :)

    everything will come back to normal like it used to be right? only justin bieber alone right? AM I RIGHT?

  • Judy

    You guys just leave them alone,, they’re happy and that’s all that matters if your a true Belieberr. And insulting Selena won’t change anythingg.. They love eachotherr and that’s itt just deal with itt. Jelena foreverr<3

  • emma

    I miss the old flirty cute justin aswell! they’re very serious with eachother, and justin’s distracted by missing her now. i am not saying this because i hate selena because i am a jelena supporter. i am only missing the old justin :'(

  • PakistaniBeliebers


  • judy

    Okay, we all miss the old Justin.. But Justin still loves and apreciates his fans as much as he did and we still love and apreciate him too. But I’m talking to the jelena haters, they hate jelena bcz they think she’s stealing Justin awayy from his fans, but she’s not and if she were would he still be tweeting us everysecond of the dayy. You can’t blame herr for his love towards her. Jelena forvere<3

  • Hannah

    I love JB sooo much <3!
    But I think this is a phase cos he always said he wanted to date around to find who he is, blah, blah, blahhh… so if we just hold on for a while, they will break up and then he can go back to his normal self and then find a new GF….. like me, hahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweetie101

    If you even look at the pic, he’s nto smiling. It doesnt seem that JB isnt so happy after all. Forget about it. Your just wasting your energy hatin on selena. its mean to make fun of the UGLY:)) There not gonna last forever.

  • Sascha

    did you also read #biebergetsnailed instead of this malaysian dish, because i did when i read it first time, lol !!!

    btw i dont think it is selenas fault that justin is not flirty and funny any more, it is the my-world-tour which made him that way, and look how thin he is, look at his neck in the last picture, that is really creepy, dont you think ???

  • Elena

    hahah LOL I LOVE how Selena is getting the attention not Justin!!!

  • Judy El-Mohtadi

    Listen guys, just leave Justin and Selena alone. They wonna love eachother; they’ll love eachother. They wonna break up; they’ll breakk up. We’re not here to take their decisions. + I luv Selena and Justin.
    -Judyy El-Mohtadi

  • Sissi

    Sorry, but I strongly dislike JELENA. And that doesn’t make me a bad Belieber. I’m always there for Justin and I will support him, but I’m not there to like his ‘girlfriends’. Enough said.

  • Chelsea

    You go, Glen Coco!

  • Judy El-Mohtadi

    Okay, if you don’t like Jelena then justin leave them alone. I swear to god if you start hating and insulting Selena nothing will changee people. So just keep your bad thoughts to yourself.

  • My opinion and im just gonna say it; i used to be a massivw fan of selena gomez but when she hooked up with bieber i sort of went of her for a while, i guess because i was jelous, but as time has ticked and justin and sel are happy together ive grown to like her more because she makes justin happy! Im still not a big fan of her songs, i find them to cheesey but i like her as a actress and a person. Thr fact that theyy have a lot of photos taken together and how they talk about ‘ how they were in there room for most of the trip’ is a bit annoying, befause alot of beliebers turn more hate towards selena and that annoys justin but if jelena know it will upset fans just stop possing for pics together sat on laps holding hands, im not saying dont.. But we know there in love but stop flaunting it everywhere you go !! Just saying :). Pluss belieber chill 😀

  • christina

    comee onn guyss!!! you gotta admit, if this article werent for selena and justin, itd be cuute, riiight? welll guys, it is for theeem!!! and again, i gotta admit that at times i get suuper jealous, but theyre actually really cute together. i think a lot of us dont want to admit theyre perfect but in a sense they are….im sorry guys. i know, it kinda hurts me too. 🙁 we gottaa let them livee…when ur hurting selena youre hurting the one you love too….justin. youre holding him back more than you can imagine. and to be honest, i just started feeling that this. one simple thing like this article changed it for me…and im hopign that this will change it for you. 🙂

  • Judy El-Mohtadi

    Well in the begining i hated selena (well i was a hater towards Justin too but not long ago i changed bcz i found him really inspiring and he worked a lot to get to where he is now and i love his music and him but forget that now, back to the real story ;P) bcz i was jealous.. but then i thought to be a true Belieberr i have to see what makes Justin happy not what makes us fans happy.. okay us fans are important too but he’s a teen and we can’t stop him of doing what he wants or dating who he loves.. its his life people leave him live it the way he wants to..whoever he’s gonna date we should supportt even if its i donno miley cyrus or something but whatever makes Justin happy makes us TRUE Beliebers happy.
    Judy El-Mohtadi

  • alee

    wow. im not gunna lie i do get sad wen i see this cus i miss justin! ehhh but i cant judge them from just pictures. like no one really knows enough by just pics. but im not hating on her. yea shes beutiful and talented and i truly hope that justins happy no matter what. i just hope she doesnt break his heart cus then ITS ON!!;D

  • You know what i thinkk ? i just read a magazine that said Selena Gomez is chaanging Justin for the better> what the hell ? Never. It said, SG influenced his hair change, new style of clothing. & now he’s acting more mature? But think, did us beliebers fall in love with the mature, older Justin Bieber? NO we fell inlove with the Justin that was cute & little & talked to his fans on twitter & didn’t flip the paps. off. Selena has made him moree maturee to fitt her agee & maturity level. Well you know what ? IIf she wants an older, more mature & suited for boyfriend, then she needs to find someone elsee, not CHANGE Justin. He was fine the way he was. Yess, im a Selena hater. Only bc everytime i hear something about her and JB, it crushes me & makes me not want to belieb anymoree. I heardd she also got mad bc he wanted to play video game son his time off the concert ! wtf! if she doesnt likee it, she can fly her ass backk to California & shut the hell up! Damn Selena, annoy somebody else. The beliebers are the last ppl you need to fudgee withhh -.-

    • Jennah

      i so agree with she doesnt even love him when the Jonas brothers were popular and all the girls loved them she dated nick …when twilight was popular and the girls loved tht she dated Taylor Lautner ..and now Justin Bieber Is Popular and all the girls love him she dates wow How ironic ! *cough* whore *cough* she doesnt love him ,just like she didnt love nick or taylor i totally totally agree with you tayler valentine

  • joelle

    in the first pic justin looks like a little kid and selena is the mommy hahahaha! but i still hate her. it’s soooo obvious that their relashionship is FAKEEE it’s all for the publicity they don’t “love” eachother they might “like” eachother but the jelena thing wont last i know it wont. can anyone even tell me why a almost 19 year old adult date a 17 year old?! come on, selena is gonna go for a man thats older and not childish like justin, i rlly like justin (as a fan bcz i know i wont get a chance with him anyway) but hes a KID he pulls pranks everyday he acts like a little kid ( thats not a bad thing) selena is mature justin is not they just don’t go together. it’s gonna end. selena is going for the fame, attention, & money. he doesn’t know what the hell shes doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she just uses him and dont think she gonna have a family with justin cuz soon there gonna brake up i know it will :L

  • anonymous

    just saying, everyone who says that they “love jelena” their lying, if they truely loved justin, the WOULD be jelous. any normal person would be upset if somebody they loved wasnt single anymore.

  • Miranda

    Just saying…. But in the very first picture, notice how Selena and the two girls almost block out Justin. Did anyone else notice that? I think, now this is just my opinion, that Selena’s plan is starting to work. Ya know, date Justin for publicity? I like selena, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t like her dating Justin. She is just using him. Now I know that these are just two little girls, but still. I think he deserves someone else, but that’s just me.

  • Renee Bieber (i wish!!)

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ITS ELEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!! 🙁 So jelous!!!!!

    • Justin Drew Bieber! What in the the name of a cob are you doing with the ladies!? For the last time, don’t you dare Make out with that old woman or face my wrath! >:(

  • hananananananannnanannana

    he socks

  • Hope

    follow me on twitter @OfficialHopeex im a big belieber:D<3

  • Tyra Woods

    ='( i dislike selena but i love her music….who says…i have to like her hehe 🙂

  • Bieber haterrrr

    arent they both girls? selena and justine=whaaaaaa??????

  • *LoVe*

    Dont hate on Justin cuz he’s SEXYY!! :p