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Justin Bieber doesn’t like Cheryl Cole’s home in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber thought that Cheryl Cole‘s rented apartment in Los Angeles is “in the wrong part of LA”. The “Baby” hitmaker claimed that he knew some splendid pads in Los Angeles, thus he was quite confident when saying he could show Cheryl a much better place to live in.

The heartthrob singer said, “She needs to get out of her rented place and buy a great place in LA. She needs help.” He dished, “I saw the place she was renting in a magazine and she is in the wrong part of LA for sure. I have a place in LA and so many of my buddies have great places.”

Justin is adamant that he will make a good choice for Cheryl as he said, “I can help show her round the properties in the best and coolest areas. Where I really want to show her is in the Hills.” And the he added, “Zac Efron and Mick Jagger live there and we can go and see how great their places are. I am sure that will sell it to Cheryl.”


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  • hey cheryl cole and justin bieber this is never say never by justin bieber i him so much he is popstar and singing

  • you’r Awesome justin bieber And you’r My Idol And love you

  • Hope

    no two ways about it..justin bieber is a sex god;)xoxox