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Dream come true for a Belieber in Malaysia

From her huge grin and starry eyes, it is hard to believe that this is the same Low Bi-Anne whose drawn-out custody case has wrenched the hearts of the nation.

Tune Talk, the concert sponsor of teen idol Justin Bieber’s “My World Tour” concert in Malaysia, had decided to make Bi-Anne’s dream come true by presenting her with three Red Zone tickets (worth RM498 each) to the concert tonight and concert merchandise including a Justin Bieber t-shirt and a Tune Talk Justin Bieber mobile phone SIM card.

An eager Belieber: Bi-Anne receiving Justin Bieber concert tickets and concert merchandise from Lo Wednesday.

Best of all, Tune Talk had arranged for Bi-Anne to meet her music idol in a restricted fan meet-and-greet session before the concert.

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight. When I meet him I want to hug him and shake his hand. I will never wash my hand again after that,” said Bi-Anne excitedly at the Tune Talk office yesterday.

Jason Lo, chief executive officer of Tune Talk, said he was touched when he read about what Bi-Anne was going through and wanted to do something to make her forget her worries for a while.

“When kids go through hard times, they need something to aspire to, they need some sort of understanding that their dreams are achievable and can come true,” said Lo.

Many people who were moved by Bi-Anne’s case had called The Star to offer concert tickets to her after reading about it last Sunday.

Bi-Anne, who is very touched by the offers and well-wishes she received, said she would be eternally grateful to Tune Talk and Lo for making her dream come true.

“It is like a dream. I’m going to make a banner for Justin and I’ll wear the special Justin t-shirt my uncle has made for me to the concert. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” gushed the “Belieber”.

Bi-Anne has been at the centre of a bitter tug-of-love between her real estate agent father Low Swee Siong, 42, and London-based mother Tan Siew Siew, 37, for more than two years.

Her parents divorced in 2006, during which custody of Bi-Anne was given to her father. Two years later, Tan applied for custody and won.

However, Bi-Anne has refused to leave her father, who was then slapped with a RM400 daily fine for each day that his daughter stayed with him. To date, Low has paid the court some RM72,000 in fines.’

Low is currently making six appeals at the Court of Appeal including to have the custody decision overturned. The court will hear the case again tomorrow.


If you wanna know, RM400 is about $125 dollars Canadian or American dollars. That’s how much her dad needs to pay each day for her to live with him against the court’s rules. Her dad has now paid about $22,600 to keep her by his side as long as he could.

How could you ever let go of your child that doesn’t want to leave you? Nobody wins in this story, not even the mother. This is such a sad story.

Have fun meeting Justin Bi-Anne!

Update: Bi-Anne met Justin and got to touch his hand! Read about it here.

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  • Awwr, this is so cute! I’m glad she’s getting to eet him she deserves it after what she’s been through. ♥.


  • i love it and i love him <3

  • Anonymous

    love justin selena gomezin yerinde olmak isterdi yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa seni seviyorun justin ben asya

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