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Contest coming up….

It’s been a while but time for a contest coming up. I want to apologize to all the long time readers of JBShrine for not updating the site as much as I used to. I really feel guilty but to make it up I’m planning on holding a contest coming up. I’m starting to plan for it so make sure you follow JBShrine on Twitter and Facebook for now:

More details to come.

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  • I love Justin Bieber! <3
    "I have a Problem. But My Problem is I have Bieber Fever. But Idc I love having that problem! So go ahead and Judge me! It wont hurt me!!(:"

    • Anonymous

      nice justin

  • Terri

    No one is here to judge! We all love him! I have Fever too and don’t want a cure. He’s so sweet and so cute. How can you NOT love him?


    • david b conway

      and just do,nt blog this comment comment above this blog comment , love david conway

  • I Liked The Justin Bieber Shrine on Facebook.

    • taranelson

      justin bebier call me my number is 13470813370

  • marinna katakis

    Dear justin bieber Eighty- five seems very big lntimidating. But the first

  • Justin D. Bieber

    Hey girlies it’s Justin and I was wondering who made this website? Please if you are here out there somewhere can you please come forward?

    • Anonymous


      • Rai shahid

        Hi justin i

  • Anonymous

    I love justin drew bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hay bebar my sis like you but i am not like you and i dont like har madnes

  • ilyJUSTIN

    AWWW This pic is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!
    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! xoxoxoxox

  • tiffany

    i luv im his friend on twitter so he know me and im his friend in real life

  • Nicole fipps

    Omg i just got done watching his movie i love him so much i would do anything to go to one of his concerts!!!!!!!!!! I <3 BIEBER!!!!!!!

  • HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiii justin bieber u are my fav singer ever!!!!!!!!don’t go out with that gomez u got girls that u never met I’m in Canada I’m visiting my uncle (Munchie) he is a good uncle well love u justin bieber have fun going everywhere!xoxoxoxoxoXxxxxxxxxxoOooooooJB

  • miram you are the ugly

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    • Anonymous

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        • wleed1976


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  • i love him he is my boyfreind

  • Anonymous

    cool man….

  • I luv justin

  • I meet you justin dear

  • Justin dear you are come to pakistan

  • mia

    my name is mia hehn and I love your songs I am 16 teen year old in 10th grade

  • mia

    I think the color purple looks good on you want to be friends and love your style and that one song never let you go and smile all of your song there cool

  • mia

    I go to edmons wood way high school

  • mia hehn

    I love your hair cut its owsome just like you and your hot

  • tgdfcf

  • 12

  • Anonymous

    is sexuy I love you forever justin biber ! <3

  • follow me on twitterr!!!!:)


    • Anonymous

      I just mentioned you on twitter =) my twitter is @no1jbfanest i ave over 12300+ followers =)

  • ...

    today i meet justin bieber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in belefast , and waiting for “red carpet celebrity” … and justin was in store. i have t-shirt ” swag bro. ” and justin see that 🙂 say ” u have really swag” i say some thing about me and that has really cool style, and a freakin music. we make same picture and he leave 🙂 he is really nice guy 🙂 im proud to be a belieber 🙂 signed me a new supra shoes and say ” i have this same bro.” im so happy.

  • @no1jbfanest on twitter

    I love justin bieber and @reecemastin =) follow me on twitter @no1jbfanest i am #teamfollowback =)

  • Sophie

    i loooove justin so much im so jelus of selena 😛 love you justin ima gona go see you in march xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Check Pattie’s twitter profile pic. It says thejustinbiebershrine.com at the top!! LOL
    I started laughing, and my lil sis looked at me like WTF…

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    • tarek

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  • MrsBieber

    Is this over?

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