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justinbeiber shirtless 2011

Justin Bieber Shirtless in Tel Aviv, Israel April 11, 2011

Justin Bieber landed in Tel Aviv Israel & was spotted eating baked goods before going to the Sheraton hotel. Today, he went to the Tel Baruch beach in Tel Aviv. In order to confuse the fans and paparazzi, Justin booked suites in five different hotels, one of them is located in Jerusalem, where about 15 girls stayed to see him, but he didn’t end up going to that one. Credit: Mako. Thx Bar.

Dolce & Gabanna told Vogue: ‘It might be slightly premature to talk about him as a style icon, but it’s impossible to deny that he’s a model for his peers. Every age and every generation has its icons after all.. We like him a lot, although he’s very young. He’s very attentive towards style and he takes care of his look.’

Justin is trying to gain dual citizenship in United States. A source told In Touch: ‘Justin loves Canada, but he’s looking into dual citizenship. It will be easier for him to work here if he became a US citizen. His business is here and he needs to be here so much of the time. It would be a smart move for him.’

More pics at OceanUP

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  • melissa

    FUCK THAT justin will stay a canadian if he becomes a america i will but mad like dual citizen ships ok but if he changes who he is i will not b a fan no more STAY CANADIAN JUSTIN

    • That is innapropriate but i do agree he shouldn’t change who he is because his fame.

    • FUCK U!!!!! bc it is his chose.Yes he was born in Canada so he is a citizen in Canada. but after a couple of years he lives in Amreica he will be a citizen in America. But u r a fuckin bitch Melissa so u just be a Bitch bc u should ever ever juge Justin bc it is his chose so get the fuck off of his and by posting that it shows how much of a true fan u r.

    • Johnesha

      Justin bieber is the best teen star

  • Erin Elizabeth bouton

    Hi Justin I just really wanted to say I think
    U R Sooooo kind to alot of people like
    that little
    Girl ( 3 year old ) who was sad she didn’t
    Get to see u all day and had tears . I’m truly
    Amazed by that I love you  love Erin Elizabeth bouton
    IN:(bath) Akron Ohio 44333 – on 2733 bolts road. My room and

    Door, closet, and office is covered in pictures and
    Posters of u I’m 11 years old and me and my mom
    Love u and ur muisc

    • Justin if u see this i thought u should know that i am a huge fan and i mean a huge fan. But i dont show it by posters and crap all over my room and no true fan of Justin Bieber should they should show it through the heart like i do. Bc i love u for who u r not u looks like every fucking other fan of Justin Bieber bc they are not true fans so yea, a true fan shows it through the heart.

      my name is Dailyn Simpson I am 12 and age dosent matter i will always love u!!!

      i live in logan ohio and i hope some day u look up my dad patrick simpson so u can vist me

  • Elyse

    Justin that is soooooo sweet of that Erin bouton girl
    To say that about u and mabe you should
    Go visit her it would probly make her dreams
    Come true she goes to my school and her home number is
    330 668 0016 we get out at 3 30 and she stays after
    School 4 dance class with me until. 4 :50 and
    Probly gets home about 5:15 were best friends
    So could u do this for me anh her and
    Visit her some time but worn her a day befor we
    Do things alot together thx elyse Seaver :):):)

  • OH MY GOSH he so very HOT BOY i want justin bieber for ever i want see justin bieber without of t-shirt 2011 all day

    love sexy
    From Crystal


    • Omg! Justin You are my inspiration. Love ya!

  • grrtfru

    te ammmmmmmmmmoooo tonto tarado jstin barbie

  • lize

    justin biber soy tu fan numero 1 te doy mi numero para qe me llames plis 2740522 teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee amo BebE


  • paige

    you are so hot with no shirt on

    • sarah

      i now rigth

  • sarah

    thank u justin for saying nice things to spechol people u are the one for sleana i realy think u are nice and that u have sens then oyher people

  • Bannah21

    Justin is sooooo hot I love him and he is only going to marry me not you just me me me hahahaha

  • princess nisha

    love you JuStIn….<3

  • eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyy its jb

  • jkjkjk uh haha uh srry haha ooooooooooopppppppppppppppsy srry im not a fan i like lil wayne bettewr but i kinda like the music

    • plz dont cuss me out for playin a game on the inter net where i kill u im only 12 idk better te he uh ha uh ya

    • Jessica Lee

      fuck yhu then, justin bieber is the hotest guy in the universe!!!!!!

  • Jessica Lee

    I love @justinbieber soooooo much.
    i have a jb bed cover, 2 albums; i want another album 🙂
    i also have over 40 posters and 1 liife size, i cry for justin, i know nearly every word to nearly every song, i know almost every thing about justin, i dream about him and i think about him and every time i see a cute picture of justin i cry :'( xx <3 I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!