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Justin Bieber ordered by Qantas flight attendant to behave

This just came out. Looks like JB is officially #badass lol….

Singer Justin Bieber has been involved in an incident aboard a Melbourne bound flight this afternoon.

Qantas cabin staff had to order Bieber and one of his security guards to take their seats after they started roaming the plane while it began taxiing at Sydney airport.

The Qantas flight attendant told Bieber that his behaviour was a security risk and that he had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one.


Expect this story to start going around giving Justin a bad name. I think this staff was over reacting. And the “child” comment was really unprofessional of her/him. I think the fact that it is “Justin Bieber” that the flight attendant was power tripping.

After the egging incident and now this, looks like Australia of 2011 is like New Zealand of 2010 for Justin.

Update: Justin apologized after the incident according to the person sitting behind him. “I was sitting right behind him… he did say sorry after being quite naughty… He was a little naughty but did apologise and the flight attendant wasn’t out of order.”

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