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Justin Bieber’s reaction when spotting his fans in Australia

Justin wasn’t allowed to board the plane from the terminal due to security issues. Fans who waited a long time at the airport to change a glimpse of him didn’t get their chance. Click on the picture to see Justin’s reaction when he spots his fans while boarding his flight from Sydney to Melbourne.

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  • Chelsea

    Aww. He loves his fans so much.

    • I love Justin Bieber Soooo Much.
      I am Definetly a Beieber

  • Elle

    hahahaha us aussies tend to have that effect on people 😉

    • Anonymous

      I reckon aye 🙂

  • Mayela

    I love this guy <3

  • Ashleigh

    Hehehehhe us aussies get that a lot ahahaha

    • Sarah

      aha truuee thatt 😉

    • ALI

      I know!
      Aussie Belieber here!
      LOVE YA JUSTIN! <3

      • Anonymous

        I love him. And im in aus. He is great <3

  • Justin's Favorite Girl

    He loves his fans 🙂

  • Justin Bieber's future wife

    Justin Bieber loves his fans(that’s me) =)

  • peo

    He really love his fans. It was one of the things I love in him

  • Terri

    He’s such a sweetie …. I just adore him. And Daisy you are awesome … Love this site too.

  • MAddy

    I love him<3

  • Sarah

    that was my reaction to HIM when he came out on stage and rapped Look at me now<3
    I miss you Bieber:( BTW WHOEVER EGGED JUSTIN BIEBER ON HIS SECOND SHOW IN SYDNEY IS A DDOOOOOGGGG !!!!! all he did was perform for you and he got that ?? wake up and smeel the roses hunniee !!! he cant please everyone !!!!!

  • Sarah

    he looks so mature

  • Patricia

    awww he’s so sweet and adorable. hahaha he’s holding a burger king bag and a tiny little cup lol.

    • Sarah

      its hungry jacks 😉

      • Anonymous


  • Erin

    so cute!!! im going 2 his concert 2night!!!!!!

    • ME TO!! In adelaide,, right??

  • Milane

    Awww ! He really loves us, his fans 😉
    & he’s so cute on this pic *.*

  • pretty boy i love he. goodluck

  • Shana

    he’s amazing!

  • Lacie Hartford

    Ha! youu aree so cute && so amazinq(:
    Love your beqqest fan……..
    Lacie Dawn Hartford(:

  • Anonymous

    i done a test and it said i will marry you and we will live in a mantion and have 2 children

  • Real beliber

    Awwww he is sooooo sweet!! Whoever is saying he’s
    A perv, rude, or stupid needs to get their head out their àss and
    stop saying things like dat seriously its immature!! And that Selena bítch is playing him but right after they break up he will be back in his real self and yes he cursed once but everyone curses. everyone is forgiven

  • Princess Louise Bieber

    I got to go to Melbourne and I got to meet him in person 😀
    long story. email me 😀

  • I love Justin bieber. Simple as ABC! I love the fact that he’s one of the few celebrities that are able to comprehend the fact that WE got them where they are today!! Surre they have talent and all but if we didn’t LISTEN to their talent, they’d be no where.

  • JB

    yep that’s right My Beautiful Beleibers i LOVE u all i wouldn’t no what 2 do without u guys!! u all supported me since day 1 and i just want 2 thank u and i love you my Beleibers oxoxo =)

    • Lulurox and luvs JB 

      Hi justin omg i luv u sooo much u r amazing is that really you!!!!!!!!

  • abi

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is it really u Justin bieber? Im the biggest fan ever!! ily xx

    • JB

      yeah this is really me =)

  • i am in love with this guy.

    us, Belieber’s don’t care about all of the haters, SCREW ‘EM!
    they’re just jelous, we love him so muchh. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    he was just a small town boy,
    Canada, St Judes Hospital, 12.56am. Tuesday, March1st room 126. Justin-Drew-Bieber.

  • rina

    iloveyou jbieber!!!! xoxoxoxoxooxxoox <3 mwaaaah!

  • Omg justin i luv uuuuuuuu sooo muchhhim ur no 1 fan i wish i could meet youi love youuuu

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug, kiss. Want to meet marry Tude more hug kiss want to meet Tude deaf say tall 21 old am yes like Alejandra Magana am call (509)430-6261 call use yes are you 🙂 🙂

  • super awesome as everyone else because im that cool an everything

    lawl justin biebers hot 🙂

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet talk deaf wife want yes 21old like Alejandra Magana. Now call (509)430-6261

  • Kaityy.Bieber

    i youuuu Justin so so so much! <3 🙂