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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Love Nest in Malaysia

Justin and Selena shared a luxury suite while she joined him on tour — are they too young to be alone together in a hotel?

Justin Bieber made sure Selena Gomez got the first class treatment when she joined him on tour in Malaysia — right down to the hotel! According to a local source, “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were inseparable throughout their stay [in Malaysia] and they were such a beautiful and loving couple. [They] hardly stepped out of the presidential suite in Kuala Lumpur Hilton.”

When they did leave it was to see the sights and engage in some major PDA! “They were cuddling, hugging, holding hands and, very apparently, totally in love,” said Susan Tan, Justin’s My World Tour promoter in Malaysia.

Take a look at some swank photos from the hotel above and let us know, do you think it’s okay for 17-year-old Justin and 18-year-old Selena to be sharing a hotel room?


More pics at Hollywood Life.

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  • Karishma

    Nooo they are too young an datz nt ritee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      They had their parents in there too. Lol. And Selena has a promise ring so its okayy(:

      • Justin D. Bieber

        No it says that they were alone and they are way too young!! My parents let me share a room with my best friend but they would never with a guy even when I become 18

    • mackenzie

      justin bieber you be kiss selena :p

  • Mandy

    They are both very lucky, justins lucky to even afford a sutie like that not only that selenas lucky shes getting that luxury treatment i mean no 17 year old gets this i dont know no how they call this being down to earth but i guess its his money he does what he likes

    • Anonymous


  • niki

    it’s totaly normal why not they are both are beautiful already increased love them JB call me love you HEHHEHHEH ok qao

  • Aniestin

    i think its fine i guess..their already 17 and 18
    aww..there so cute together <3

  • Skyler

    Justin & Selena 1 Hotel Room Both in the same place?
    I Wouldn’ trust her, i can’t trust selena gomez she’s my idol i grew up watching and listening to her but not almost 19-20? Nope wouldn’t trust her…..

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      She has a purity ring. Lol. And their parents were there too(:

  • Skyler

    Justin & Selena 1 Hotel Room Both in the same place?
    I Wouldn’t trust her, i can’t trust selena gomez she’s my idol i grew up watching and listening to her but not almost 19-20? Nope wouldn’t trust her…..

  • they are old enough, well selena is, justin is still a minor and i just think it shouldnt be aloud, hes changing/:

    • i agree they’re to young i like them both and idolize them but i can’t stand that they’re together ALONE in a hotel!

  • Meg

    I think they’re old enough to make decisions for themselves, i mean obviously with fame comes a LOT of responsibility but they’re both mature enough to handle it and they’re surrounded by great people to keep them on the straight and narrow:) i think they’re such a sweet couple, and justin is my idol!

  • MrsBieber

    its not right–yes,im jealous of selena,but they are taking this too quickly,i think they needa slow down,cause before you know it ,justin will be having to cancel concerts to take care of his baby…and we dont want that to happen now..do we?

    • I totally agree! their taking things way too fast, even if they were in love, hes still only 17 and should be dating girls to find out who he is not being totally and completely committed.

    • Gabbby

      I Agree But I dont need to be rude or anything Justin and Selena Are my Idols Though We dont Need Love Drama Right Now or a baby :\ sorry

      • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

        I don’t think that will happen. Selena has a purity ring. And if it does happen I’ll be so pissed! At Justin. Cause I know Selena’s not like that. And their parents were there. So that parts alrightt.

        • Jeslyn :]


    • Sophie

      I totally agree!
      They are taking the hole boyfriend girlfriend thing so fast. :i

  • Charlotte

    I’m really suprised Pattie let him do this! I mean, I could see if it was, like, Justin and his mom and Selena and her mom in the same room with more than one bed on a vacation! But just the two of them? Ever since him and Selena have been together, he’s really started to change.

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      His mom and Scooter and Ryan Good were there. Their’s 2 rooms in each suite. And Selena has a purity ringg. Soo. Yeahhh, (:

      • girl how writing yousop texing t

  • Sarah

    He hasn’t changed his fans has. Some of u so called beliebers disgusts me. Hating on the one person that makes him happy. I don’t like selena but atleast i respect her. I don’t think they shared bed and stuff. Pattie would never let them do that. I don’t belive a shit of what’s written on hollywood life to be honest.

    • Janell Garrett

      i agree wit u gurll……!))

      • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

        I love Selena Gomez, and I don’t think they’d share a bed. I mean, she has a purity ring. And that hotel room had two rooms. His mom was in the other room. So this website is a fail. Lol.

  • Mrs. Bieber(;

    No they shouldn’t.They are taking this WAY to fast and Justin is still a minor.It’s just not right to me.Ever since he started dating her he’s been changing.Idk maybe it’s just me..

    • Gabbby

      Its Not Just you they are taking it too fast your not wring but if thats what they want its what they want the heart wants what the heart wants i love the too artists and actors t yeah they are..

      • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

        Justin’s mom was there. Theres two rooms in that suite. 🙂 And Selena has a promise ring. This website is a lie. Lol. 😀

        • yeah..quit repeating that it’s getting annoying.

  • Lola

    Hey, I live in London and I noticed that some of you keep saying that Justin is a “minor”. In America, do you both have to be 18 to have sex? ‘Cause over here, the age of consent is 16… Can anyone comment on this? Like, is it true that you both have to be 18? Thaaaanks 😛

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      Well in America, since Selena’s 18 and Justin’s 17, some places it wouldn’t be legal. Lol. But Selena has a promise ring so she won’t “do it” anyhow. Haha(:

    • hayla

      yeah since when your 18 your legal but some places it can go either way

  • Dr. Bieber

    First of all you cant really believe this you never know whats the truth. But if it is hopefully their being responsible, we all know Justin’s hormones are roaring lol.

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      Selena has a promise ring! And this websites wrong. That suite had two rooms. His mom was in the other. 🙂

  • biebers girl

    LOL I bet he fucked her. LOL JOKES. but seriously I don’t really see any problem with this, I mean my mum lets my guy friends sleep over all the time and vice versa and I’m only 14.

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      Selena has a purity ring and his mom was in the other room. So I don’t think so! Lol. 🙂

  • Terri

    I think they are cute together but in the words of my younger son … they are going too fast too soon. It’s like a really hot flame … it’ll burn bright for a short time then burn itself out quickly. I think them not being together for a few months made it worse when they finally did get back together. Did you ever notice how protective he is of her when they are together and the paps are around? He literally scowls at the cameras.

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      Its probably cause his fans are CRAZY PHSYCHOPATHS. Anyways, I think they’ll break up soon too. Cause it doesn’t seem like Selena’s really interested. I, for one, think she deserves better. But thats just me. But Selena has a purity ring. So I don’t think them sharing a room is a problem. Plus, his momma was in the other room. Lol.

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  • Saraline

    umm…just because they are sharing a suite, does not necessarily mean that they are having sex… yes i do believe that they are taking things a little bit too quickly but at the same time they havn’t seen eachother for a couple of months so I can understand this need to spend every chance you get with the person you love. Back to the whole sharing a suite thing… selena understands what her mother had to go through in rainsing her at a young age, same with justin. So I highly doubt they would do anything stupd like have sex. PLUS they both know the implications of what having a baby would do to each of their careers so to sum it all up…. I think them sharing a suite is not a problem especially if momma beiber approves!

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      And his mom was in the other room. And your right about Selena’s mom thing. lol. She has a purity ring! 🙂

  • toni

    they’re still both young,but i dont really know,if that what makes them happy.

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      I don’t think they did anything bad. Justins mom was in the other room and Selena has a promise ring.

      • melanie

        do you think their a cute couple ? yes ‘no

  • demisprouse

    UH-OH.That shouldn’t happen they are to young for that.If they really do love each other they should be patient and wait for the right time.

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      Selena has a purity ring and justins mama was in the otherr room. So i don’t think they did anythingg:)

  • Why wouldn’t it be okay? Let’s hope they’re two consenting almost-adults… And what they do alone in a hotel room is only their business…

    • hayla

      i know but it sure makes you think though lol

  • i think justin needs 2 worry bout his music life right now i dont like selena coz she cant really sing and i lov jb but justin is gonna lose alot of fans over selena coz all de girls are geting jelous of her

    • Sarah (Selena Gomez is amazing)

      Not even close. Selena has lost like, 500,000 fans. Justins gained like, 2,000,000. Selena is an amazing singer.

      • Jeslyn :]


  • maylynn

    aaaww how sweeet dont you se that he loves herr :))

  • sadie bieber (hes mine!)

    thats normal but just dont be makin no babys….we dont need any more selenas running around….justin on the other hand we could use some more acually alot more….lol

  • gomez suks

    i hate SELENA GOMEZ …

  • caroline

    no they had no parents and i cant believe his mom let him stay in a hotel with a girl by them selves

  • francesca

    AAAHHHHHHHHH just let it out ive heard rumors that there dating and not dating also of she’s just dating him just to get justins fans attention!!!!!SO LET IT OUT!!!!!!

  • erin austin taylor


  • Rachel

    Oh fuck the y purity ring they sooo hooked up lmao just stating the obvious ;P

    • Anonymous(:

      Apparently she took the purity ring off anyways but that’s what i saw on the internet and now I don’t know what to believe ahaha

  • Mrs bieber

    i hate selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruby

      I tink they’re okay…bt selena makes sure u are married 2 him

  • christina

    yeah i think theyre old enough but comee onn!!! selena starts like all the kisses that we seee….if she would start them in public with lots of cameras around who knows what shed do in the bedroom alone with biebs. just puttin that out there.

    • Anonymous(:

      Agreeed lol

  • shanta

    I kinda think they move to fast but u never no what if that was someone you love or that was him and even tho she a a purity ring does mean she did have sex like com on she not that good.

  • shanta

    I live selena and justin but i dont like them when they together because it seems like they rude and care about them selves

  • As long as he stays pure its ok

  • Chelsie Bieber

    i think its alright i mean there both mature enough to and if selena made a promise then im pretty sure she keep that promise and justin i cant see him doing anything like that…. i think its cute that he did that!!! its their desicion to do that if they wont… theyre such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3 I love them both and i love Jelena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pink is the new b?og

  • courtney bieber

    i actually agree with the parents NOT being there because i think that would be akward and annoying having your parents there watching our every move i especially wouldnt want them there if i was with JB in the same BED! like i would want my parents to just LEAVE! lol

  • ?????????

    thats not right no 17 year old should get treated like that thats to much justin i know u love her but treat her like a normal kid like just how u wish ur life was 🙂