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New Justin Bieber wristband & dogtag perfumes


They just added these two new scents to Justin’s perfume line. Called “One Less Lonely Girl” and “Never Say Never”, the wristband and dogtag actually is the same smell. They are both pomegranate scented.

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  • Bella

    Where can we get them?

    • Lena

      Walmart is 1 place! The other places I don’t know so yeah.

      • Nia

        im gettin it yaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Alondra =]

      i already got the Justin Bieber NeverSayNever dogtag it smells soo good

      • madrina

        where did u get it at

  • Maria :D

    I will have ! 😀

  • kyra theodorou

    i love you justin

    • Anonymous

      i love you you want to go out with me

  • maaruu bieeber

    estooy perdidamente enamorada de justin biebeer

  • Lauren

    omg sex purfume <3 <3
    where in SYDNEY can you get it?

  • i love you su much jb im your fans number 1 you are my best single in the world and i love the sang of pray

  • jb you are my fevrite single in the world

  • Anonymous

    justinbieber new pefume someday

  • Giani Bieber

    i must have that justin bieber is so hot!

    • georgiiii

      i love justin bieber loads :)<3

  • Justin biebers #1 fan duh 

    Omg I have everything Justin Buber they sell!woo I’m so happy

  • Justin biebers #1 fan duh 

    Ugh meant Bieber 

  • dit luchtje moet ook verkocht worden in nederland !

  • Ilovejustinbieber!


  • unknown

    they spellt bieber wrong in claires ‘beiber’ as we all know its ‘bieber’

  • Greek Belieber

    What that beautiful perfume on this bracelet/necklace?
    I don’t think it’s someday cause I have it so i would recognize it..if somebody knows,tell me please! 😀

  • Anonymous


  • justin fans

    love him