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selenagomez sitting on justinbieber’s lap

Selena Gomez sitting on Justin Bieber’s lap in Indonesia

I still don’t believe it. Sitting on Justin’s lap? She’s gotta know pictures are gonna be taken.


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  • Anonymous

    I hate Herr that’s all I have to say I like her about twenty minutes ago I thought she maybe really liked justin but what I have been seeing her going after all of the famous people at the time I really believe its for publicity and I feel bad for Justin because he is going to get his heart broken by her

    • juliette

      no she’s not she’s friends with those people she does love justin a lot and she’s better then his ex’s jasmine and the others were using him Selena and Justin are in love so leave them alone thats all i gotta say

      • xKathi123

        juliette this is my opinion too!
        Leave them alone it’s their life and they are really happy togther πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        See thats what everyone thought Jasmine had nor reason to use him, she was already famous before he was.

        • Maylynn

          no jasmine wasn’t famous at all !

      • jen

        i know i mean look at them they feel happy if justin’s happy arent all beliebers should be happy because he found someone who he really cares about, yea i didnt like her before she was daing justin but she’s like older than him which is kinda weird but , like i said b4 they’re happy.. thats all i gotta say i love justin xoxo <3

        lol did i say happy like 4 times haha

      • Jelena

        i m with you sister

        • rachelle

          i cant belive this

    • Aniestin

      thats not true bitch

    • McNugget

      Is it just me or does it look like he is acting like Santa?

      What would u like for Christmas?

      Umm some toys and rubbers for later.

    • I hate her so much right now!!! πŸ™

    • jessica

      i beg your porden i Love her <33 i hate jb !

      • alex

        how can u hate jb r u crazy i love them both!!!

    • lola

      i’ve got to say, I thought selena and justin were destined to be together. That they were so in love. But i see the truth now. If it was true that she loved him she would have a more realistic smile. All the pictures involve her being super cheesy. Weather they were laughing, kissing, linking arms, or even now her sitting on his lap. She use to be that in love with nick, until his disney career fizzled away. Then she was heart broke. Selena I love her and justin, but there is something about you that is so horny that I belive she would date a big popstar like justin just for publicity. This picture, may be the cheesiest one i’ve seen yet. Something tells me she knows cameras are there so she puts on her β€œi’m barbie this is my perfect smile. Look at my perfect boyfriend. Aren’t we perfect together?” smile. Justin’s smile I belive. Isn’t it weird how in one interveiw justin’s a loser to her, and when he’s super famous, she sooo in love with him. Thease pictures just make her look like a slut. This is an example of her trying so hard to convince everyone they are so in love, really she isn’t convincing most people incuding herself. I don’t know why he can’t see it but I see it. I know some of you see it. Selena’s got him right where she wants him: as her puppet boyfriend. Justin needs to cut his puppet strings off before she breaks his heart. Doesn’t she have any morals?! The justin before her would say that too. It’s clear she’s changing him. Sometimes I think she’s even trying to seduce him into being her love slave.

      • Jordan

        I was thinking the same thing. She’s never been this revealing and sexual with Taylor or nick, but then the bf that gives her everything and has all the money and limelight in Hollywood comes around, she’s publicly making out with him in a car where paparazzi are obviously lurking and then complaining about how people are saying she “still has a younger audience and shouldnt be exhibiting these activities” in public.lmao Justin bieber seems like a sweet dude : he gives her jewelry , reserves private lots n what not. I think the only thing she’s giving him is her BODY. It’s kinda obvious .

    • Disappointed fan

      I personally have no grudge against selena gomez i think she should date whoever she wants but its beyond obvious she’s using Justin to sky rocket her fame even more. Thats what she does ahe dates for fame ex. Nick jonas taylor lauthner tht guy from all star weekend i think its just sad and i feel bad justin’s gonna get hurt but hey you gotta learn

  • Anonymous


  • Bieber's Baby

    She’s useing him and he is going to get hurt. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt. I will always support him <3

    • Aniestin

      shes not she loves him he loves her, if u were a true BELIEBER yu would support justin and just be happy for them, shes not using him

      • Jeslyn

        STFU i’m really getting annyoed by people saying your not a true bielieber If you don’t like selena ughhh!

        • i totally agree they get on my nerves saying that

  • Belieber

    wow get off of Justin u stupid selena ur too heavy to sit on justin’s lap i hate u and ur ugly

    • xKathi123

      Get a life and stop hating on their relationship?
      They are happy together!
      Why can’t you be happy for them?
      btw. you would never be his girlfriend. get this out of your mind.

      • Anonymous

        hey u get a life i am Muslim and JB is christian and i know i wont be his gf and i dont want to be ok . and i am happy for JB u bitch

      • yeah i agree you wouldn’t like people in you relationship,i mean…so what they had a baby (or adopted it…who cares!) KEEP LOVEING EACH OTHER Selena Gomez & Justin!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Aniestin

      selenas not ugly ur the ugly one bitch and shes not heavy she more skinny den you! and as long as justin’s happy dating selena then u should support them and not be so negative gosh

      • Anonymous

        Ur the one thts bitch ok dnt call me bitch I’m happy for them ur the one thts jealous ok bitch

      • Anonymous

        U didn’t even c me so how do u know I’m fatter than her I’m way skinnier thn u ok bitch

  • Maggie

    Okay, they are officially the cutest couple ever……..

    Too bad she’s a fame whore and is just using him >:|

    I respect her as a person, I’m sure she’s nice and all, i love her music, but using someone to get more famous is just out of line.

    • Elena

      I agree with u

    • Mayela

      I agree with you 100%!

    • Aniestin

      shes not using justin

    • Anonymous

      how do u know shes using him for all we know she could be mad in love with him? Im not trying to be rude just wondering how every1 assumes things….

    • Maylynn

      omg ! she’s already FAMOUS! come on movie career , music career , a tv show ?? ppsshh just stfu

    • Saraline

      how the fuck do you know that selena’s using him? because she dated nick and taylor or whatever does not mean she was using any of them!
      why can’t ppl just come to terms with the fact that they are both in love and stop being so jealuos about their relationship! it’s really starting to pisss me off! I feel like its you “beliebers” that are using him because you know nothing about him! you have never met justin in person, never talked to him in person, yet you all want to date the guy! I pretty sure if he wasn’t famous none of you ppl would take a second look at him. so stfu about selena using him when y’all are no better

  • melissa


    • Aniestin

      hey its her call whether or not she wants to eat and be skinny it doesnt look tht weird, or disgusting

  • Bri

    Okay, am I the only one that notices her shirt falling down in EVERY picture of her and him when she’s wearing those 2 tops? Just saying. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. And I still don’t think their relationship is real. There’s just so many things pointing to make me believe it’s a fake. Come on guys, if you’re relationship is gonna be fake, at least have the decensy to not make it noticable. I never did think she was the best actress anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the little boys face.! Hahahahahaaha XD he is too cute

  • Anonymous

    well thats wierd how shes all bigger than him and sitting in his lap

  • V

    I was always okay with them together (who doesn’t want to see Justin happy?) and she IS pretty..BUT pictures like this just make me so jealous lol! Hmmm maybe this is why Justin hasn’t been tweeting much lately. (Yes, i’m a bit of a creeper!). Anyway, @Melissa, COMPLETELY agree she needs to eat ASAP, gross!!

    • Saraline

      some people are just naturally skinny! I have the same “problem” where I eat alot but my wrists are still skinny. She could just have a high metabolism, after all in many of her interviews she claims that she eats alot and would have become a chef if she was an actress

  • Belieber

    Is it just me or does that girl in the video have a REALLY annoying voice? lol

    • Maylynn

      omg yeah she does ! and she should never sing again

  • Saraline

    and for the last time….WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO USE HIM?!
    she had her show before he was even famous! she is already famous too and has does not neeed the hate from some of those who claim they are “beliebers” (but are truly just hating jealous ppl who justin would be truly disgusted with if he read those hateful comments)! PLUS she took a 10 hour flight to go see him!! if that doesn’t show true love and I don’t know what does!

    • Aniestin

      totally agree with you, they are really cute together! πŸ˜€ shes not using him and why would their relationship be fake? luhv them <3 belieber foreva, support jelena all the way πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, an hour flight on first class really shows how much you love someone.

  • da penguin 1

    selena is SO cute, but @melissa, she does need to eat. and why would she be using him? she is really famous and since she started dating him, people have stopped liking her.

  • holit

    absolutely i prefer like justin with caitlin beadles or jasmine villegas but i would support justin with caitlin beadles and i’m not really like selena :p

    • absolutely with u 100 %

  • lil haters

    Ur girls r hating just cuz she can have him or any guy she wants and you girls can’t!

    • McNugget

      I agree with u. But I also wonder if it’s more than just kissing that’s going on here.

  • None o your buisness

    Selena the pld hag can go find someone her own age, she is a stupid cougar! she better watch out when/if she comes to Australia! and im serious, all us Aussies hate her now!

    • Kristin

      thats cause all of you “aussies” are haters and jealous -.-

    • Saraline

      why is it that a girl is considered a “cougar” if she dates someone younger than her but if the situation was reversed and justin was older than selena then everything would be fine… I think the real problem here lies in the fact that people are jealous and they really have no right to be because the likelihood that he is dating on of you is slim to none because there are so many fans!!so get over it and support your idol.. jealously is going to take you no where my friend.. he’s going to be with her regardless of your opinion and there will still be Australian fans regardless of your opinion

  • ayan

    i absolutely hate JUSTIN BIEBER for dating selena gomez if i ever have the chance i’ll punch him in the face and break his nose

    • Kristin

      wow, your psycho

    • Jelena

      first time i hear somebody hating Justin and NOT Selena.

  • ayan

    i absolutely hate JUSTIN BIEBER for dating selena gomez if i ever have the chance i’ll punch him in the face and break his nose but i m in love with selena
    i think she shouldn’t date justin GAYBER hahahahah

    • hey u ugly son of a bitch! u better think twice before i kill you!!! don’t you dare or u will be with ur buddy satan soon.

    • Laura

      you do that, and you will have millions of girls ready to open a can of whoop ass on you, just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Only if he hurts her, I will. But, he’s not gay, & they belong together! Justlena. <33 But if he hurts her… it's going DOWN.

  • Alison

    I think everyone should just leave them alone! Even if this is just a publicity stunt (which i doubt), it is highly unlikely that Justin Bieber will ever date you! They both look genuinely happy to me. I could be wrong but at least show them a bit of respect!

  • Aniestin

    aww…there so cute together! i think there a really cute couple| true belieber support every step of the way| πŸ™‚ you haterz should just be happy for justin and selena they both love each other, so dont say shit tht aint true tht shes using him and other lies

  • Lola

    Is it just me, or does it look like she’s not wearing a bra? Going all saggy and commando for the Biebs ahahahaha πŸ™‚

    • Aniestin


    • Mrs. Bieber(;

      hahaha you just made my day(:

    • McNugget

      Maybe he’ll give her a titty twister later. Haha lol

      • Lola

        Yes guys, I’m just awesome like that πŸ˜‰ LOL just kidding and i know this is really random but I have a quick question. See, I live in London and the gae of consent to have sex is if both parties are 16. I noticed that some people keep calling Justin a “minor” and I was just wondering if in America both parties have to be 18 to have sex? Can anyone comment on this? Cheeeers πŸ™‚

        • McNugget

          Anyone can have sex but it doesn’t mean it is legal. And yes u do have to be 18.

  • luly

    you know what?May left alone!!!are in love!!!!and selena gomez is my best singer!!!!suckers…………….!!!!!

  • ekaymendres

    i think Justin dosen’t love us anymore….. </3

    • Jeslyn

      I feel the same wayy hes to busy missing selena :[

    • Saraline

      just because justin has a girlfriend does not mean he doesn’t still love his fans….

  • Becca

    What is it with people these days, you dont have to support their reletionship if you dont want to, you have a choice of either liking their reletionship or not and if people say ‘i hate her’ then thats their opinion everyone has a say but with death threats to Selena and Justin fans turning into haters because of it, you reather be happy or not… But for thoughs who arent happy then dont be about it but dont sends deaths threats thats abit over the top. If your still a Justin fan then support him.

  • Becca

    Oh and one other thats their private life! Which that means keep out of it.
    I do support Justin, but i dont support their reletonship i dont have to because i’m a supporter of him, but some of his fans expect you too because you are fan of him… But i DO NOT support their relationship, if i dont want to then thats my choice, but i DO NOT send any towards them thats just low. Ive had my say.

    • Kristin

      lols i dont think he cares if you DO NOT support their relationship

  • just another innocent soul

    I love them both. And people should stop hating on selena its not as if you’re ever going to date justin anyway. Stop letting this control your life. If its fake, then that’s their choice and we can change that. So give them a break and just them enjoy themselves.

  • Anne


  • Pinky Girl

    I think there cute together!! People r just jelous
    of them, sendin Selena deaf threats! Come on
    guys if ur true fans, u will except his desitions
    the way they r!! Callin her a smut cuz she’s 1yr
    older!! My friends mom is 68 and her husband is
    54 and they’ve been married for 32 yrs, there
    still inlove!! They have a 10yr difference, Selena nd
    Justin have only a one yr difference!!!!

  • Amy

    I’m happy for both of them, i was reading this article about selena and she was bullied when she was little and i think she deserves someone like him and they are perfect for eachother, just let them be? GO SELENA&JUSTIN<3

  • Milane

    Yes ! They are SO cute together, and i think all Justin’s fan are a little jalous of Selena cuz shes very lucky ! πŸ™‚
    But don’t hate her ! She has to right to be whith him, no ? And, she doesn’t use him , she really loves him ! And justin too ! I’m agree with Aniestin, if ur Belieber, you should be happy for them.

    • valmire

      yess itss thrue this what you say

  • Bieber's Baby

    What I said before about Selena using Justin is just my opinion. And I love to see JB happy because I am a true Belieber, think we are all being skeptical because this is the first time Jb has had a relationship public. We just don’t want him to get hurt.

    • Milane

      I like you way to think πŸ˜‰

    • Milane

      I like your way to think πŸ˜‰

  • katie


    • Saraline

      publicity whore?! she is already famous and she is the most classy, modest and respectable girl in disney right now. I don’t see her struting in slut gear like other young stars that I won’t mention… so cool it!

  • Becca

    If your just a fan of Justin support him, you dont have to support Selena & If your just a fan of Selena then support her, if fan of both then support them, its up to you who you support nobody elses and its also your choice to have your own opinion, so i dont get why hate people for saying what they think about it.
    But sending death threats is low and im not that type of person to do that, its just wrong.

  • N3g

    -.- thats just awkward! that’d be better if it was” justin bieber sitting on selena’s lap” lol.. I hate how media is tryna make them out to be some sexy, sizzling hot couple …

  • Laura

    I am happy to see that Justin is happy, and they do seem like they really care about each other. But when i see photos like this it really does make me feel like crying none stop. I’ll always support him, whether they stay together, or if it doesn’t work out. I just hope he doesn’t end up getting hurt (:

  • Anonymous

    love justin and selena

  • viki

    im happy to see justin happy but im sooooooo jealouse at the same time idk if they r really dating or this relationship is fake ;/ hmm well i do’t think they will last long together but too be honest most ppl say “thats shes too old for him just cos shes 18 seriously when ur in love age dosent matter !!! i love selly and justy but i think shes using him to get EVEN more famous then she already is ….. i don’t think they should be alone in the hotel room :/ p.s. =D luf yaaa JB

  • viki

    i meant NOT last long together sowwya hahah

  • Gaby

    No lo puedooo creeerr MI BIEBER …conn esaaaa feaaaaa…NOOO Bieberrr tuu eress miooooo…ya dejaa de estarr conn esaaa..ellaaa no tee amaaaaa….!!

  • Beedeex

    Oh god. Wasn’t pattie there? If I was with a boyfriend infornt of my boyfriends mum and my boyfriend has his hand on my crotch. Id feel so disrespectful and rude. I’d make him get off straight away. This whole situation seems fishy to me, it really does.

    • Saraline

      Lol he doesn’t have his hand on her crotch just her lap… relax

  • Mrs. Bieber(;

    If I told you how much I hate her you’d kill yourself becausse I could go on for weeks. she’s just ruining EVERYTHING. He’s not the same.it’s seems like he doesn’t love his fans anymore.And am I the only one that sees a pattern. Selena and nick, Selena and Taylor, Selena and Justin.She goes after whoever is the most famous at the time.And right now that happens to be Justin.Gosh, if only he would see what was happening./: And the day she breaks his heart her life will be a living HELLL./:<

    • Mrs. Bieber(;

      Oh. And is it just me or does it kinda look like in the first to pictures she’s like sticking her boobs in his face???

  • get a life people if he gets hurt so what its mot your life partly cause you dont have on eming your own buisness

  • Karolina Valdes

    Who is that baby?? Are they practicing for if they have one??

    • Lola

      LMAOOOO that actually made me LOL πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    damnnn!! ppl let them live their life..i mean is not of our business what they do with and just try to support them and stop hating on selena gomez..she is really talented and sud be left alone just like justin

  • MrsBieber

    woahhh–thats a lotttta commeents guysss πŸ˜‰
    OKAY——-i love justin so so much,its actually unbeievable?
    and yes,i like selena aswell,because i watch wizards of waverley place and she is pretty funny..yes i am jealous of her,but i dont hate her?theres nothing much to hate about her.shes a nice girl!
    I dont know if this is a stunt,but im seriously not gonna fight over it–cause its not like any of us are going out with justin?although we wish we weree…
    butt i did thinkk he went a little farr on singing a bit of her song at his concertt?
    butt oh welllll,,,its his lifeee,so ya’knoww.I love justin so much and im a massive belieber.If Justins happy–respect that.And if she does break his heart ,,then you can start hating on her,,kay ;)xx

    • Bieber's Baby

      Totally agree with ya.

  • Braxton

    I think Selena Gomez is to sexy to be dating you.

  • Holden

    you SUCK!!!!!! I hate your music p.s my number is 7044258864
    Selena is way to sexy for you I burn your cds every night Justin Justin Bieber gay so gay my brother crys so so so so so so so so so so so so so gay gay gay gay gay HE IS so so so gay YOU ARE SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Saraline

      LOL actually sounds like your gay for saying that! and i never knew gay meant a boy has a girlfirend.. always thought that meant your straight acctually! why are you on this site if you think justin is gay? don’t say it is because of selena because it is the justiin shrine. This leaves me to beleive that you are in fact gay because your either a guy fantasizing about justin bieber that is why you searched him up or a girl who hates on justin because you like selena gomez! LOL

  • Ku'looip


    • Saraline

      “nigger” is a very rude and derragotory term directed towards black folks… since justin is not black ( even if he was it is extremely offensive to use the word) your comment is just plain ignorant and stupid. People that come on these sites to hate justin are secretly in love with him and for some unkown reaos can not come to terms with it like the rest of us πŸ™‚

  • I hate her!!!:(

    • Selenator

      I hate him!!! But If She loves him, I support the relationship, I will kill him if he hurts her!!! BTW, Sel isn’t a fame whore, saying that doesn’t mean that Justin is gonna be yours, just saying!!

      Selena Rocks!!!

  • janeille

    selena is great person and just stop at hate

  • katherine

    If he would just come out and admit he’s gay I would possibly start to like him. Just satin.

  • valmire

    if they are happyy togetherr nobody can do un happy :P…..I love Selenaa and justinn ,andd i likee theyy to be together………………………….And whoo dont like this realitionshippp Im sorry for themmmmm πŸ˜› yeahhh πŸ˜›

  • Tex

    These pics are nice, for the first time justin bieber doesn’t seem so terrible.

  • Anonymous

    She dated one of the Jonas brothers while they were popular, she dated Taylor Lautner while Twilight was popular, now she’s dating Justin Bieber. See a pattern emerging?

    • this crazy my love for justin is forever :p WATER FUCK…..!

    • JBLover12

      They Are So Cute! But She Is A Slut! Proven Fact!

      • Anonymous


        • rozlovesJB

          we r jbs fans and we dont like any girl to be with justin easy.we could beat her to death but the problem is that most of jbs fans love selena fans r happy like that soooo we couldnt and if wwe want tokill selena justin will hate us forever

        • Anonymous

          i agree

    • tete

      omg!!! tht is so kaaraazzyy!!! lol

    • CourtneywishesBieber

      omg is that true?? omg that is a pattern…. idk…

  • my boyfriend…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i love u baby (the two pick is phothomontage) πŸ™‚ i love my BABY πŸ˜›

    • Anonymous




      • JBLover12

        You Goes Are Fake! Bitchs!

        • hannah

          shut up bitch!

      • Christie

        um eww i think im about to throw up slutlena hoemez is a fake piece of shit and justin u deserve better we the bielebers have been there for u forever selena came when u got really popular why would u choose her over us i thought u loved ur fans πŸ™ whatever thanks for the heartbreak and betrayal justin i dont like u anymore and selena i used to look up to u now ur just like all those other diseny sluts tht i lost faith in soo have a nice love life guys sleep well knowing u shattered the hearts of millions of girls around the world

        • Christie

          also do u know a 13 year old girl killed herself beacause u guys are dating maybee if stopped spending so much time making out and freaking eating eachother and cared about ur fans and watched the news u would know tht but have fun sucking eachothers faces and selena ur a stupid slutty skanky ass whore that nobody likes u date the most popular ppl to make ur fucking self more popular and it sickens me to see your ugly face everywhere on every magazine with justin on tv ,on e news but im sure u love it right YOUR A WHORE AND IM SO SICK OF YOU!!!!!! HOW CAN U TWO JUST GO ON WITH UR LIVES LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED WHEN A INNOCENT GIRL TOOK HER LIFE ALL BECAUSE OF U ITS YOUR GUY’S FAULT IMAGINE WHAT HER FAMILY IS GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW ,THINK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS SHE CANT DO LIKE HAVE A “BOYFRIEND” (WHERE SELENA HAD LIKE 50) ,OR KIDS ,OR WALK DOWN THE AISLE LIKE WE ALL WILL ALL BECAUSE UR DATING SHOW SOME COMPASSION AT LEAST OMG ….U KNOW WHAT IT SICKENS ME TO EVEN DO THIS ANYMORE IM DONE,,,BYE

    • Anonymous

      i want to do u

      • Christie

        exuse me ?

  • Aw… Your love is growing bigger and bigger, I love you Justin and Jelena, I’m so happy for you two and hope you last… you make such a great couple x

    • JustinDrewBieber

      Thanks MaryamLuvvesJDB!

  • feni_ayu


  • Anonymous

    i love u justen

  • Scarlett

    IKR? i love selena and justin and stuff but i think selena’s going over boared with the whole justin thing i understand love who cares if the guy is younger than her!
    but she keeps dating the dudes that are popular i hope she dosent turn out to be like miley cyrus :s shes been a role model to me for years!!

  • They make such a cute couple! Atleast they’re not ashamed to be seen together, especially like that. But, for gods sake just say your dating eachother…everyone knows anyway. Hope your love lasts β™₯ I’m happy for you Justin. I’m a true belieber, not a jealous, Selena hating, fake belieber.

    • JustinDrewBieber

      Thanks I Hope So Too! Team Jelena

      • Anonymous

        ur sooooo cute

  • nirva maharaj

    hi justin i do not think u and selena gomez should be together,i think u 2 should
    just break up with each other.i do not like d fact u and selena are making for each other even dough she said u r a dork and she says she is not apologizing.
    i do not want u 2 get mad at me cuz i am your biggest fan and my parents do not me to sign up on your fan club site and 2 become a member of it 2,so i think i should go i no u r gettin mad rite nw so i will see u .i hope u forgive wat i said in d first 2 lines in d beginning.sorry.I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER.


    • Anonymous

      you are definatley not a true belieber, if you were, you would be happy for him. he likes her and she likes him! and she called him a dork, because that also means that hes sweet and adorable! Okay!?

  • J.A

    i wish selena wasnt dating justin because she is jst a player!! he deserves some1 that is way better than her!!! (P.S) i love justin bieber) hes tha best!!!!!!!!!

  • JB Lova

    I dont think u 2 r rite 4 each other selena doesnt even like half the stuff he does she doesnt deserve him shes tryin 2 make herself look good shes dating him and loves zac efron and admits tht shes not in love well then wat is she their just not rite 4 each other thts all i have 2 say


  • i

    I dont think they should be dating she is just using him for fans and admits that she deosn’t love him and thats not the first time shes dissed him. <3

  • Anonymous

    I think Selena and justin are perfect for each other, I’ve looked up to both of them for at least three years now!
    P.S I’m not one of those fake beliebers who think they would be perfect for Justin, I mean. everyone had a chance to date him, and if you really want to, go for it! Anything is possible… sorry, just had to say that!(: LOVE YOU JUSTIN!

  • Monica Phillips

    i love Justin and Selena. I think they are perfect for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monica Phillips

    they r very cute!!!!!!

  • Chelsie

    awwwwww thats cute!!!! their such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • brittany

    what in the world she needs to get off him

  • glosh

    its great to fall in love but with a celebrity like justin its extra cool . way to go guys.

    • Anonymous


  • sa

    justin bieber stop dateing selena gomes

  • Risa

    I just like the both of them, and they r happy together so to those hater just leave them alone

  • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to both off them justin bieber and to selena gomez , i just what to say two words to them please there are only a big joke and a liar by david b conway

  • im back again david conway and my comments again lets face it to selena marie gomez her self , the only reason why she is going out and to date justin bieber , i just finger it out this week pepole the only reason why selena marie gomez is just going out with justin bieber just for her to cut her self out contract just by walt disney production compamny ,just from her old tv series of wizards of waverly place she is the one hates her old image , and she doesn,t what as well the last season 4 , and that,s why she stated the question just about she said louad and clear it is / selena gomez whats to end wizards of waverly place bsc kids .com web site , , and selena gomez also whats to leave walt disney production last year 2010 that,s when she said that im leaving or quitting her old tv series , love david b conway

  • Awrillian


  • Stefka the Polish

    They are great together.A lot of Polish people on blogs,even threaten them with death.I love them or not separately but together they are a beautiful pair.I have a lot of photos and newspaper clipping.OK I’m going to school.I greet the Polish.

  • Stefka the Polish

    Parts I got home I watched everything carefully and are super super extra.What time is it in poland 13.33

  • April

    Nice pic…! πŸ™‚

  • hannah

    She dated all famous guys in the industry. Shes selfish!!
    BOO YOU WHORE!! nick jonas taylor lautner justin bieber. Whos next? Cody simpson? Gimme a break.
    Shes rumored that shes cheatin on justin with cory monteith. Yeah cory is somewhat famous!!
    Yeah but first of all why do we give a fuck bout her?! She said 1 year ago that justinis just her lil brother. Oh yeah now youre dating your lil brother? Then end up kissing your lil brother and end up FUCKING your little brother. #BELIEBINME

  • Anonymous

    I hope selfish fans would shut the fuck up. You’re not real fans when you don’t support everything he does. The guy can decide for himself and all these comments aren’t gonna do you any good. Do you think you have a chance in dating him? Truthfully, the chances are very slim. Just like everybody else, all you can do is support him.

    • for real its horible what they do


  • justin i feel you should date who you want everybody gets mad at you i just want to let you know i love so much !!!!!:)

  • Are they crazy or something? Selena Gomez is 2 years older than Justin Bieber. I’m not hating the Jelena or something. I Just think it’s very weird that he’s dating an older woman. Break up with him Selena! It’s gonna ruin your Reputation and I’m completely Grossed out! If you don’t break up with him, CALL THE BARF AMBULANCE! πŸ™

  • what the heck they supposed 2 do there

  • stacy

    selena is a 2 timer guys!!!im telling you the truth!i went to see one of selena’s concerts and got backstage pass so anyway im like 20 minutes early and i see her with this one guy,they hugged so im like OK aybe he is a close friend,but would she just KISS a close freind??????????guys im not telling a lie i took a pic,i know,your prob. saying this chicks a stalker but i want ya guys to know who that back stabing lier really is!!!!!Selena u were my role model till u 2 timed AGAIN!!!!!!

  • drake


  • mikki

    guyssssss i love justin n selena as a couple butttttttttttttttt i just got a pic sent to me on fb!!!and it shows selena kissing this one guy back stage!?!:O this is horrible for jb!!!!!

  • chantel

    howly potatoes!!!there is a picture tagged on my facebook account wwhich is a picture of selena gomez kissing this one dude!!!for real selena???u hurt taylors and nicks hearts and now youre doing it again to justin bieber!!!he is bieber fever!i hate you selena for doing this>>>>IM OUT

  • SaminaBieber!

    I don’t know, what Justin sees in that…. thing…
    Justin is blind(but hot)… He dosen’t see, that the sluty bitch is using him for fame, money and more sex!!! She is a fucking ***!
    And I got a new name to gomez: selena sluty gomez:)
    I think I’m gonna throw up, when I see that bitch’s face!!!

    -LOVE JUSTIN BIIIIEBER!!! He is the most cutest, hottest, sweetest, naughyest and SEXYEST singer in tha whooooole world! (or univers)…

  • SaminaBieber!

    no, I’m not better than that slut, but I’m not the one who’s using a famous singer for more spotlight!!! She should die…… -.-‘

    • justalovernotafighter

      why would you wish death on anyone thats cruel

  • SaminaBieber!

    Justin should date Jasmine Villegas, not that thing!!!
    (Don’t hate)…

    Still hate gomez! DIIIIIIE BIIITCH!!!

  • SaminaBieber!

    If I was gomez(EEEWWW) I would break up with Justin, and go shoot myself:)

  • Anonymous

    i love u justin

  • Just heard he proposed to her whiles in at Lucia don’t know how true it is

  • ii can’t believe justin bieber is dating selena gomez….at first i thought she was perfect for him but since i took a picture of SELENA GOMEZ kissing another guy backstage and i swear it wasn’t JUSTIN BIBER….SELENA is a slut but if JUSTIN BIEBER wants to date him then maybe he wants to get hurt thats all i have to say



    i hate selena i love u justin bieber i want to see u plz come too myanmar i love u more than selena love u :0

  • Louise

    awwww!!!!! they lookkk soooo cute!!!

  • sooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooool you rock justin biever

  • Ya’ll, she is not a slut. Just because you r jelous and have no lives does not mean that she is a player. Just find your own hottie and stop dreaming about a fairtale that isn’t going to happen

  • CourtneywishesBieber

    #THATSHOULDBEME !! i wish <3 πŸ™ xoxo hes amazing! i dont hate selena but.. yeh i dont really know what to think of her…. shes dated heaps of celebrities when they get really popular but yeh i am EXTREMELY jelous!!!! haha πŸ™

    • i feel the same way i don’t like them going out ether

    • annika paigeebieber

      omg yes she just wants jb because she wants Attention wel tht is wht i think anyway:/ like that should be me not a fucking slut that wants justin for attention and we al know it is not going to last like you have no idea how in love i am with justin he is my world<3

      • ali

        uh um no ur just jelous i mean i am a little but u dont have to say that she is just dating him bc hes SUPER DOOOOOOOOOPER famous!

      • annoyed

        first wait for your tits to grow slut and the you can give justin beaver a bj

      • Anonymous

        you are retarded. there’s no gettin round that

      • you are retarded. there aint no gettin round that

    • almore

      I love jou justen bieber

  • bieber lover

    justin bieber and selena gomez are so cute togethere i mean when i saw the picture of them i realized that justin and selena are a cute couple and justin bieber i love you so much make sure you pretect selena gomez ok i love you justin and selena.

  • alana

    they are so cute together did they break up

    • Ana

      no what the heck!

  • jordan

    i really dont like justin bieber music but im happy 4 them

  • Anonymous

    OMG they are super cute:) i love them:):)

  • hi justin bieber call me if you see this ilove you so much that my wall is covered with pics of you my number is 891-2586 if you call me my mom will answure just tell her yu r calling for hailee love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!good by

    • bitch y in the fuklk will hee bee in too uu like relly ritee bckk

  • ashley

    you guys make a cute and sexy couple

  • Ana

    i used to hate beiber but now i thnk he’s ok go justin ur becoming more mature and no ofense but i like selena more than u i love u selena!!!!!!!!

  • jutstinn

    • I think selena is great 4 justin. They make a great couple. Selena is really lucky . Oh and justin if u read this I reapeat protect selena like if u will grow up and marry her. Serously protect her if anything happens.

    • Anonymous

      I think that they dont make a good couple coz Selena is more greater than Justin but justin this is ur decition I cant tell u what to do if u are reading this please live a massege and sorry for sayin that but thats what I think;) I love u JB

    • Jessica

      I think that they dont make a good couple coz Selena is more greater than Justin but justin this is ur decition I cant tell u what to do if u are reading this please live a massege and sorry for sayin that but thats what I think;) I love u JB

  • Blockins

    Justin Bieber is clearly the most sexy person on Earth. I mean who else can turn so many teenage girls, including Selena Gomez, into lesbians

  • Who cares!

    I think all you JB fans are just jealous and lame. If you love Jb so much then you would want him to be happy. I dont think Selena Gomez is a slut. I honestly think they make a cute wonderful couple. So All you JB fans just shut up because if you like it or NOT hes not dumping her for any of you. (:

    • Who cares!

      this message are for the haters(:

  • london

    london is your biggest fan

  • jb you are so sexy

  • jb i whant to date you

    • Kristine Goryoka

      I hope you know that he wont even see this

  • Anonymous

    Aw they look cute together and I don’t think there is anything wrong when a guy’s girlfriend sits on his lap… Its adorable… LOVE YOU JUSTIN β™₯

  • amilka

    jostin yono puedo creer que tu tengas un hijo o mekidoco

  • maria rosalba

    justin biber te robaste mi corazon

  • May

    plz tell me justins Bieber REAL phone number.Cause iv been looking everywhere:)PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey justin im a big fan and you make a really good couple with selena!!!:))

  • gaby ayala

    esperamos todas tus belibers que algun dia vengas a irapuato guanajuato para que nos des un concert big….please justin ….i love you

  • gaby ayala


  • Kristine Goryoka


    • stella

      justin you love selena <3<3<3<3

  • soroiu mihaela

    te iubesccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc!

  • adele&jb fan

    what a fake ass bitch

  • Anonymous

    i agree adele&jb fan

  • Anonymous

    preco ze fena ,Justin,preco(in slovakia love the language)

  • some people dont thankn your awsomre but i do

  • Aria

    Tbh, i love justin, and i hate selena,
    but they’re realtionship isn’t something people should fight
    over, i mean really isn’t there something better to do ?

  • stella

    i love selena gomez i hate jasmine.v

  • They are so cute!!! I hope they get married and have a baby of their own!!!!!

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey im justin i wanna tell u guys that thanxs for beingg there with me when i needed u guys so much.And i wanna tell god to bless u guys. And i love u guys

    • Alyssa

      Hey justin I love you so mush I live in billings but I know that you would never be with me so I need to get on with my life

  • real selena gomez

    yall quit calling me fat and thats why justin wants me and not yall we already made a baby together so back the fuck off or ill tell him that all yall called me fat…… πŸ™ :(:(:( if yall want our house number here it is hold up>>>>>.>>>>>>>>>. THIS IS THE REAL SELENA GOMez and justin is sitting here wright now next 2 me,…… heres our #.>>>>>>>>>(214)306-9590 .. FOR REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL………….

    • Alyssa

      I’m a big fan I would like to meet you and justin

  • stephanie

    hi justin i,am a big fan I love you sow much πŸ™‚ xxx

  • ellie

    its sad to see so many girls mising out on such a great female idol to look up to simply because they think her boyfriend is cute. speculating on even the way she smiles… ??/ and being caddy about defending a boy they’ve never met because … of what … i still don’t raellly know.

  • justalovernotafighter

    none of you girls were even going to get the chance to be with him so save your breath about hating selena gomez because 9/10 she doesnt care.. move on with your lives .. because you cant do anything to break them up and they probably dont even now you exist… its nothing wrong with being a “BELIEBER” BUT STOP BEING SO RIDICULOUS- _____________________________________-

    SIGNED justalovernotafighter

  • gabi

    tova va6eto dete li e seli

  • Alyssa

    Leave them alone I hope they get back together and get married

  • Adam

    Justin and selena love eachother and Want to betogether His fans need to let go