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Britney Spears on Justin Bieber: Me & Mr Man are alike

Is Justin Bieber a Britney Spears‘ mini-me? Britney seems to think so. ”I just saw his movie [Never Say Never], and I really didn’t realize how big he was,” Britney, 29, tells Harper’s Bazaar. ”He’s enormous, he’s just Mr. Man. A lot of the movie is really similar to what I did when I was starting out.

Just like Britney, Justin, 17, has been touring around the world non-stop. “I did a promo tour for a year, going into radio stations and all that,” remembers Britney.

Britney’s delighted that Justin relates so closely to her. “I think he’s adorable,” she admits. “It was so cool to see our similarities.


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  • V

    Except the big difference is that Justin won’t have a horrible meltdown and spiral out of control later on in his career (I hope!) because he tries to stay grounded and remembers what the important things are in life <3

  • Terri

    Oh that’s bad … that’s very very bad …. oh please don’t let him be like her.

  • Shadee Kargarian

    uh oh !!!!!!!!! …. that is not Good !!!! … Please pray to god .. that your Joking !!!!!

  • Terri

    Not to mention – and no disrespect to Britney fans – but she really can’t sing very well … and she crashed and burned. Gahhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Patricia

    I absolutely love Britney. I was her biggest fan untill Justin came around lol. Now he’s my #1. She looks gorgeous in that pic. Im just happy that my 2 favorite stars like each other 🙂

  • camilla

    oh oh no no no no NO!!! he is not like her i could never see him like we saw her few yrs ago

  • Eden Rose Hanna:)

    folow me on twitter @JBieber1974

  • such a great pleasure to hear some good words from queen of pop bout or Prince! Go Britney, Hollywood love u no matter what. Whether ure not a good singer, but people still listening to ure lgreat musics cuz its different from others musics. Yea, ure experienced ure own breakdown in ure life, but ure strong and keep moving.That’s what great bout u ! I love justin bieber …