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Justin Bieber and Adam Levine’s Twitter war over basketball

Today, Justin Bieber, Adam Levine (along with singer-songwriter PJ Morton, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and his bodyguard Kenny Hamilton) have been all over Twitter talking about some epic basketball games that went down. Apparently, Levine and Bieber were on separate teams, and the duo is now engaged in a Twitter war, trash-talking each other’s b-ball skills.

Levine seemed to have dominated the court since he tweeted at teammate Scooter Braun, writing, “@scooterbraun, is this the part where i tell the world that @justinbieber can play ball? we shut him down though. #DEFENSEwinsgames.” Bieber also wrote in saying, “#wewongames.”

This comment was much to Bieber’s disliking: “@adamlevine u know what really happened 2nite. only reason u guys won any games was because @scooterbraun shot 3′s in @kennyhamilton‘s face.”

Bieber went on to write, “and @adamlevine u need to remember you lost the first games because i was killing@PJMORTON – tell him to stick to playin keys. lol.” The Maroon 5 frontman and ‘The Voice‘ coach quickly tweeted back, saying, “@justinbieber ok ok that’s fair. You let @PJMORTON have it. I like the trash talking. Wait til NBA2K. #gonnabeugly.”

The playfully heated conversation ended with Bieber tweeting “#wewongames,” and Levine replying, “#wewonmore.” We think this calls for an official rematch. Levine versus Bieber, one-on-one!

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  • Patricia

    I always knew Justin was good at basketball. What isn’t he good at? 🙂

  • Mrs. Bieber(;

    *sigh* Oh the beautiful hair); RIP hair flip

  • @littlemon$+er

    i dont care about the old Biebs
    i like the new biebs cuz he looks better with short hair more tattoos & wearing earings . when he didnt move on with this things he was just a weak guy and now he is cool .
    thats y i dont miss the old biebs
    and never liked him when he had long hair

  • Sarah:)

    I think @adamlevine won that. He is a totally sexy man…unlike bieber.

    • Angel

      hehehee i agree with you Sarah ;D…. Adam FTW….hehehehe Bieb’s a kid… (LOL like im not a kid xDDD)