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justin bieber hong kong 2011

Justin Bieber arriving in Hong Kong with sick dark eyes

Awww. Those eyes! He’s still so sick and yet he still has to put on a show.

And why are there only 7 fans at the airport? Come on Hong Kong! Justin will hardly ever go there.

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  • Sandy

    HAHAHAHA, the video made me laugh so much.
    I’m so lucky I know Cantonese .
    “Wow, there must be loads of female fans waiting, oh wait… hang on.. theres only 3 little kittens. There are more security guards than fans.”

  • Anonymous

    we went school ok

  • Risa

    Im on work either, but im sure tomorrow night will be a great show @justinbieber good luck n hope ur totally fine no more sick.,.

  • i felt for justin bieber becoz he sick and he finished actually warned her concert in hongkong 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I Tried so hard to find out when he was coming to the airport 🙁 my stalking fan skills wern’t refined enough …

  • fare

    We can see what a spoilt brat Justin Bieber is. I saw this video of him in philipines arrogantly pushing this older man aside and the man’s stuff fell, Justin just walked pass him without even saying sorry. He looks down on asians. THat’s why i fucking hate him. So what if he’s a superstar? I don’t care. He has to respect older people too. So what if he is sick with chest infection? HE LOOK GREAT IN HIS EYE BAGS -_-

    • Carolyn

      where can we see the video?

    • Nikki

      Ok I saw that damn video so shut the hell up .
      You couldn’t even see what was happening clearly cause it was so blurry so before you make assumptions, actually know the whole story .
      So I suggest you keep your mouth shut .
      Kthxbye .

    • Meli_95

      Why the hell are you coming here just to write a bad comment about him! You don’t even know him! You have no clue what you’re talking about, so maybe you should just shut up and leave him alone! You haters are pathetic!

    • and so i FUCKING HATE YOU!!!!you suck!!!

    • biebergirrl

      you hater. why spend your time looking up justin if you ‘hate’ him? seriously, get a life.
      he was really sick and not feeling well and the paparazzi was getting in his way! geeez!

    • Patricia

      Why are you on a Justin Bieber website if you hate him??? That makes absolutely no sense to me. He’s very sick right now so leave him alone!

  • sarah

    make more of an effort for him hong kong! ahahaha just half the people in my year skipped school to greet him!
    and stupid paparazzi !

    • Anonymous

      Wow calm down. We had our IB exams which get us into uni. Sorry if we’d rather have a good education/job than seeing justin bieber for two seconds. He didnt even wave for the people who waited seven hours for him.

      • alim

        what is wrong with you people? peole like justin actually have things to do and i respect if you dont wanna go to the airport to see him but cant you see hes sick and hes tired and surely hes very busy? im not just saying that to make excuses for him but everyone makes mistakes and it just so happens that everyone just points out every single tiny miniscule fraction of his mistakes. im sure other stars make mistakes too so ont just pick on him for not waving to fans or refusing to sign ONE autograph.

  • Alexandra

    Aww, poor justin. You can clearly see he’s not well enough to be performing.

  • iloveyouuu

    dear justin
    once you finish your tour, please go have a rest for a bit! you really deserve it! you work too hard sometimes! you true fans will love you and be here no matter what, just sayin..! xxxxxxxx

  • wondering

    I wonder if he will lip sing tmr. 😀

    • charis

      Haha I’m sure he would! He’s sick. It would be TOO strenuous for him to sing if he’s sick and justin bieber fans would love him too much to let him take on so much pressure.

  • xnrlx

    Do u think our parents will let us go to the airport when we have school that day:)) .. We dont skip school just because Justin is here… plus it works out for the best because he doesnt have to deal with a lot of people while he is sick …

  • January

    i wanted to go to the airport so badly but i gotta go to school ;(
    if i could, i would have skipped school ;(
    good show tmr Justin 😉
    i’ll be there screaming hard for ya!!

  • heather holland

    i feel sorry for him

  • Patricia

    awww poor Justin, he looks so sick. He shouldn’t be touring untill he gets better. Real fans will understand if he has to cancell some concerts.

  • sandy

    Hey Justin, If you are reading this, I came all the way from Boston to see you tonight! So what if I am 40-something-years-old? Moms love JB too! Hope you are feeling better. I am really looking forward to a great performance. Know you will not disappoint. Thanks! Sandy

    • Patricia

      Im 3o years old and Im also a HUGE JB fan. Nice to know theres others like me out there. You’re lucky that you got to fly out to see him 🙂

  • Aniestin

    aww…poor justin..he shouldnt be performing, hes so sick
    but hes doing it for the fans 😀

  • Welcome to HONG KONG – Justin Bieber. Students in HK are like this – always hard working n energetic…NeverMissingAnyClass. But BieberFever everywhere.

  • Nica

    Hahahaha :)) This really made my day :p He is so arrogant in his stay in the Philippines. What a jerk and a brat.

    • alim

      hello if you wanna say something at least say it in proper english? have you learnt past tense and present tense?? Guess not. 🙂 because actualy intelligent people out there cant understand sentences that have not been constructed properly.

      • Anonymous

        *want to

        Oh, the irony.

      • lalalalalaa

        your point is?

      • Anonymous

        Intelligent people would also know that there is no such word as learnt. It’s learned.

  • Erin

    poor JB!!! i really hope he gets better soon

  • Lovie

    Pray for Justin guys not only because he is sick pray that he will remember God and always keep Him first. Justin always remember God and to put Him first in your life remember this would have never happen without Him. With Love <3 God Bless Jesus loves you John 3:16

  • Terri

    I feel sorry for the poor guy … he can’t even be sick and cranky without people calling him nasty names. I work in a physician’s office and let me tell you when people are sick they are not nice. JB is 99.9% ALL THE TIME and if that 0.01% time he isn’t he should be given a pass. People are so obnoxious. They need to search inside themselves before making rude comments.

    • alim

      agreed. all these people just point out these little mistakes that im sure they themselves do as well. hypocrites.

  • heather holland

    i hope he feels well soon

  • Anonymouz

    Come on guys cant you see hes sick and getting worse just to put up the concert in ph and then you just ruin reputation yes he might have done the wrong thing but clearly you couldnt even see the video well what i think is that the CD was fake or something the airport has a security camera why not check that and if thats what realy happen ABS-CBN said they tried to contact the creator of the video and would not respond now how would you believe someone who doesnt even wanna show up!?

  • Johanna

    AWWWW justin, his eyes are so sad … i REALLYY hope he gets better soon, because, hello, i love him.

  • Truth

    Wow. I’m surprised with the fact there were only like 6 or 7 fans waiting that he didn’t bother to stop and sign anything!?? HOW do you ignore that? Sure he was probly tired & still sick, I get that… but again, fans have CAMPED OUT waiting to catch a real glimpse of him walking past. Usually there are so many screaming fans he has to practically run thru so he doesn’t get hurt. He could’ve made those girl’s dream come true with a pic/autograph, a hug? That kinda bugs me.
    And he pulled pretty hard on that flimsy curtain in the car to shield his face! Maybe cuz he was sick/felt miserable?? WHO KNOWS?!! But none of us will know what was up til he says something… and so far, nothing?!

    I hope Justin reads some of these comments (esp mine, haha) and realizes that ppl see things & question it, not b/c we think he’s a bad guy but b/c it’s not what we’re used to seeing. He’s ALLOWED to have a bad day/be in a bad mood… want to back away for a while, but sometimes a simple explanation is all it takes to make ppl feel better about questionable behaviour.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong… I’m fully aware we are all human Justin included & have mood swings, attitude, can be rude etc. but when ur in the public eye you have more expectations…. fair or not!

    I still love the Biebs.

  • nadiya


  • nadiya

    I LOVE UUU 🙂

  • Hannah

    i went to his concert in hong kong i would’ve gone to the airport
    so many more girls would have been there but i think he didn’t want
    anyone to know cause he had a chest infection, i know one of the girls
    and she only found out at 2am the same day.. i would’ve gone!!
    PLUS it was a school day.

  • Angie

    Lol. Justin’a a poor kid. but more so, those poor little girls lol. That boy needs to learn some manners, tired or not, it is his responsibility as a superstar.


    bitch is so full of herself. like wth? I hope this bitch would grow up already!? I LOVE SNSD. at least they are a lot prettier than that JB slut. SHE gives Canada and its educational system a bad name!

  • giorgelis

    hola justin bieber te quiero mucho

    • Most help articles on the web are iancucatre or incoherent. Not this!

  • timothy

    justin bieber is cool i no i am a boy but he is cool ha justin bieber like is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

  • kaitlyn

    i love.you justin bieber from kaitlyn to justin bieber

  • i love you so much

  • ha justin bieber i am your biges fan.

  • brown

    Everyone in this world knows Bieber is over-hyped no vocal talent whatsoever. Whenever his voice cracks, I want to punch this punk. He can’t hit high notes any more and his voice is so weak, or can’t write songs. He always depends on 20 adult coaches like a flirt coach, behavior coach, dress coach, dance coach, Usher, vocal coach and all those adult songwriters. So sick of this talentless toddler. Look at his shirtless pic. A complete joke controlled by current entertainment corporate that thrives gossips and scandals. That’s what he is coached too, creating gossips to maintain popularity.

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber I am sorry that you got sick you should rest in bed and have lots of water and warm soup get well soon Justin love you I hope you can do your concerts again soon take care love you your songs where great feel better Justin bieber your biggest fan Amanda G 🙂 you make me Happy

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber I hope you get well soon I am geting worried a bout you I hope you can do your concerts soon rest in bed and have lots of water and warm soup
    I love you so mush !!!’!!!!!!!!

    Feel better Justin bieber love Amanda 🙁 xoxo

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber I am sorry you are sick last Friday the 14th you should rest in bed and have some soup and coffie with honey rest for a day and I want to see you dreaming about your Fans and Avalanna routh think of good think I love you VERY VERY VERY MUSH my heart well not let you go ever I can went to meet you soon on December 1ts I wish that I can go to your house so I can make you feel better love u Justin get well soon your fans and family want to see you feeling happy and feel better and I want to see you happy 🙂 too so mush Justin
    Your biggest fan Amanda Granata call me my phone number is (905)509-3446 I really miss you a lot Justin so mush

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin. Bieber I love you so mush I am sorry u got sick on Friday 14th 2012
    I wish I can come and see at your house have lots of water and soup and have lots of rest in bed I want to make you feel better I really miss u a so so mush and really really care about so mush and I hope u can do your concerts again soon
    Take care love you so mush ! 🙂

    Get well soon Justin bieber your biggest fan Amanda Granata 🙂

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber I miss you so mush I love your songs

    Get well soon Justin bieber have lots od warm soup and lots of water
    I am getting worried about last night I was very unhappy that you got sick
    I well give u big hugs and kisses
    Take care feel better Justin bieber I hope you can do your concerts again soon
    Your biggest fan Amanda Granata 🙂 I want to see you feeling happy and smileing I have some cookies that you like I want to cheer you up

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey justin bieber I miss you so mush I hope you can do your concerts soon and have lots and lots of rest and have lots of water and have some chicken soup
    And have so cookies that you like and I want to see you feeling happy I want to see you feeling better I really care about u a lot
    Please Justin please feel better I now sick is sucks but don’t worry you well be fine tomorrow right I love Justin bieber so mush I well give lots of hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo please feel better my heart want never let you go NEVERSAYNEVER love Amanda 🙂

  • Amanda. Granata

    I really miss you Justin so mush you making happy
    I getting worried about u please feel better Justin take care
    Be happy Justin bieber I want to make you feel better

    Love Amanda Granata 🙂

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber I miss u so mush I love your songs and I m your biggest fan
    And I can wait to meet you on dec 1 2012 I really care about you so mush and I am worried about u so mush take care Justin bieber u make me feel happy 🙂
    Love amanda granata